Monday, October 17, 2016

Mint Oreo Ice Cream Pie

Here's how to make Mint Oreo Ice Cream Pie.  This is totally a fun, family dessert.  Quick and easy to make and you can switch it up easily with different flavors of ice cream and cookies.  My family loves the combo of Oreos and mint ice cream (we call it Green Goblin Pie), but we've don't other cookies with other delicious flavors.  This is the perfect treat for a quick dessert that EVERYONE WILL LOVE!

Mint Oreo Ice Cream Pie is so easy to make!!!  

1 half gallon mint ice cream
1 package chocolate sandwich cookies (Oreos) I used Walmart knock-offs this time
1/3 cup melted butter
1/2 cup caramel topping or melted caramels
2-3 cups whipped cream

Crush chocolate cookies and  drizzle with melted butter to make a cookie crust at the bottom. Press well into the dish. 

Cover the crust with slightly melty mint ice cream.  

Then add caramel (this really is a FUN twist! Don't leave it out) and more crushed cookies.  

You can add another layer if you want then top it with whipped cream, if desired.  Place it back in freezer until ready to serve. 

Mint Oreo Ice Cream Pie

1 half gallon mint ice cream
1 package chocolate sandwich cookies (Oreos)
1/2 cup caramel topping or melted caramels
2-3 cups whipped cream

Crush chocolate cookies and make a cookie crust at the bottom.  Cover the crust with slightly melty mint ice cream.  Then add caramel (this really is a FUN twist! Don't leave it out) and more crushed cookies.  You can add another layer of everything and top it with whipped cream, if desired.  

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

17 Super Easy Costumes for Moms

I am so lame when it comes to costumes for myself.  I have the hardest time as a mom coming up with a good costume.  This is usually because I'm too busy helping the kids get their own costumes and coming up with ideas for them on Halloween.  AND then by the time I've gotten everyone where they need to be on the big trick-or-treating night, I've run out of time for my own mom costume.  AND I just want an easy costume.  AND I just sorta don't even want to dress up sometimes.  So after searching the internet for mom costume ideas, I've found some of the best Halloween costumes for mom.  So here's a big list of 17 Super Easy Costumes for Moms!

*This post contains affiliate links. 

Some of these costumes are easy to buy.  Some of the costumes are easy to duplicate on your own.  And some are just really awesome mom t-shirts, which in my opinion make the best costume of all!

This super mom costume says it all!  Seriously, moms need so many more hands.  I love how perfect this is for all moms!

There are a lot of these emoji costumes.  There are a lot of t-shirt versions too.  This one would be easy to just slip on over your clothes.  AND you could make a DIY emoji costume using posterboard.

I love the t-shirt idea.  Super easy and it says a lot.  
This is My Scary Mom Costume t-shirt is just the beginning.

And of course MOMSTER instead of monster!

This basically explains me.  Haha!  Too cool to need a costume, right?

This Wonder Woman T-Shirt with Cape and Headband is genius!  So easy and totally true for all you moms out there!

Here's another easy super t-shirt costume.  In fact, there are many super hero options like this on Amazon.  This one is Supergirl T-shirt with Cape

Instead of doing a classic Leia costume, try this costume from The Force Awakens.  Seriously, you can leave your hair in that messy bun and go!  This also wouldn't be too hard to put together yourself.

I'm thinking this Huntress Costume would hide my curves and my bad hair day.  And I could wear my black boots!

Let's not forget all you pregnant mamas out there.  Celebrate your love for Dr. Seuss with this fun Thing Mom and Thing 1 Shirt!

Show your royal power with this simple Frozen Costume!  Your Anna and Elsa fans will love seeing their mom in this!

Or just simply wear this Queen of Hearts Crown and show them who is boss.

You could wrap your head mummy-style and wear this Mummy t-shirt for an easy costume.

And this You Are Next shirt just cracks me up!  I want to wear this when I'm in a bad mom mood.

You could always go the silly route too with this Aunt Gertie costume.  This would be a simple one the come up with on your own too--stuff an old dress and keep those curlers in!

And wouldn't it be fun to play a TV mom?  There's always June Cleaver or you could use this wig to be the Brady Bunch Mom.

I hope this little Halloween costume idea list helps all those moms like me actually get dressed up on Halloween night!

Happy Haunting!

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Autumn and Halloween Scattergories Printable

I've been feelin' crafty again (that is, crafty on my computer) and I've created some more Halloween and Autumn free printables for you!  This time it's a printable Scattergories game.  If you have never played Scattergories, you definitely should try it.  It's such a fun group game and an easy ice breaker at a party.  The Halloween Scattergories printable and the Autumn Scattergories printable will also work well for a school party or even just a family get-together.  You'll find the free printable link under each image.  Happy Halloween my blissful friends!

Click Here

My kidlets LOVE playing Scattergories (they can be so competitive in games!)  There are actually 2 ways you can play it.  The above Halloween Scattergories game is played as follows:

How to play Scattergories (version one):

1. Pick a letter of the alphabet (you can roll a alphabet dice or draw out of a hat)

2. Set a timer for 1 minute

3. When the timer starts, players see how many categories they can fill up by thinking of answers that start with the chosen letter.  When the time is up, all players quit writing.  Then they go around the group, answering out loud what they got for each category.

4.  The player with the most answers wins the round.  There is 1 point per answer unless they come up with a viable answer that has two words that starts with that letter.  For example, if the letter was 'W' and the answer was "Wicked Witch" that would count for 2 points.  However, if it is something that doesn't necessarily go together such as "Wimpy Witch" then they would only get 1 point.

5.  Whether or not an answer is right or viable depends on the group you are playing with.  If something doesn't seem to fit the category or subject then the group can dispute it and vote on whether or not that person's answer deserves a point.

Click Here

The above image is the Autumn Scattergories printable.  This is a more simple way to play and good for all ages.  Here is how you play this version:

How to play Scattergories (version two):

1.  Set a timer for 1 minute.  Have players come up with an answer that starts with each specific letter.  For younger kids, you may want to skip the timer and just let them fill it in.

2.  Go around the group and have each person tell what they got for letter A.  Then continue with letter B and so forth.

3.   The player with the most answers wins the round.  There is 1 point per answer unless they come up with a viable answer that has two words that starts with that letter.  For example, if the letter was 'W' and the answer was "Wicked Witch" that would count for 2 points.  However, if it is something that doesn't necessarily go together such as "Wimpy Witch" then they would only get 1 point.

4.  As with the other version, the group can decide if an answer is off-topic or not.  The group can vote as needed.  With younger players, you may want to accept any answer they give.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!
Happy Autumn!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

6 Tips for DIY Halloween Costumes

6 Tips for DIY Halloween Costumes
By: Maurine Anderson

Halloween season is here, and that probably means you’re thinking about what you should dress up as for Halloween. Need help with a DIY Halloween costume this year? Here are some essential tips for a successful DIY Halloween costume without going insane.

While it might be easy to head to the store and simply pick up a costume, there are many advantages to creating your own costume from scratch. For example:

  • You can save money.
  • You can use things you already have.
  • You’ll be able to put the things you buy for your costume to further use.
  • Your costume can be made to be ultra comfortable.
  • You’re more likely to have an original costume.

Start early.

It may sound like common sense, but remember to start early when putting together your Halloween costume. The reason? DIY Halloween costumes often require buying hard-to-find clothing, props, and materials. Who’s to say that what you need is going to be for sale at your local big box store? Plan ahead so that you have time to make purchases online.

Try a new take on a classic costume.

Want to be something original? There are a lot of tried-and-true costumes, which, if you were to put a new spin on them, would become entirely new costumes. Think of a character you want to dress up as for Halloween. Then, think of a not-so-stereotypical way you might see that character. If you’re part of a couple who is dressing up as Ron and Hermione from Harry Potter, for example, instead of dressing up in traditional Gryffindor robes, try dressing up in the attire they wore to the Yule Ball. If you’re dressing up as Ariel from The Little Mermaid, instead of going for the usual purple top and green tail fin combo, dress up as the Ariel who washed up on the beach and wrapped herself up in a sail.

Repurpose props from years past.

Do you have some props, special clothing, wigs, etc. from Halloween costumes of years past? As this article points out, many props you already have (or that your friends already have) can make dressing up for Halloween a cinch. Consider re-purposing these props for a new costume this year. If you have fairy wings, for example, you can re-purpose them and be some kind of insect. If you have a flannel shirt from dressing up as a lumberjack, maybe you can reuse it for a scarecrow costume. Take an inventory of what you have and use your creativity to come up with something new.

Get thrifty.

A homemade costume doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. In fact, making your own costume is a great way to save money. If there are extra things you need to buy for your costume, try to get thrifty. Look at the thrift store for old finds you can re-purpose. Try making something with cheap materials (duct tape boots and toilet paper roll wigs, anyone?) Find something around the house that you’d normally be getting rid of, and then make something new out of it (a tablecloth or pillowcase, for example).

Buy things you’ll use again and again.

Here’s another way to save money. Try to plan out your costume carefully so that you’ll only need to buy things you can use again and again. If you want to be the Morton Salt girl, for example, you’ll need to buy a yellow dress and a purple umbrella, but these are things you can definitely use long after Halloween is over. If you want to be a sailor, get a standard striped shirt that will easily find a place in your closet for everyday wear.

Know when to outsource.

Making your own costume from scratch can be a lot of fun, but doing all the work yourself can get old fast. Not only that, but sometimes we set out to make things ourselves in order to save money, only to find that the materials end up costing more than the finished product. Many people also forget to factor in the cost of time spent doing DIY work when they are budgeting. For these reasons, it is important to know that it’s okay to outsource as you put your costume together. In fact, in many cases, it will be well worth your time and money to do so. If you are putting together a cat costume, for example, and need to make cat ears, consider this: you can easily find a cheap pair on Ebay for around $8, so is it really worth it to buy a headband, wire, and fabric in order to make your own?

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Friday, October 7, 2016

How to Make a Vintage Sign

I have a super easy DIY decor idea for you today.  I had a bunch of cardboard letters lying around from another craft, so I decided to put them to good use.  I made a cute, simple vintage sign that makes an adorable decoration.  You probably have the supplies lying around your house, just use the paint and the wood you've already got.  Here is how you make a vintage sign for yourself:

DIY Vintage Sign


Flat wooden board
Acrylic or spray paint for background
Acrylic or spray paint for top coat (different color than background)
Cardboard letters or vinyl lettering
Tape (I used blue Painter's Tape

1.  You'll need a wooden board and a bottle of spray paint.  Whitewash the board with the paint to create a white background and let dry thoroughly.  You can also use acrylic paint.  The spray paint was super quick though.

2.  Tape your letters onto the board in the order of what you want it to say.  I used painters tape to tape it on so it would hold well, but not rip off the background paint later.  You could use vinyl lettering, OR I even used some of the painter's tape to make the word "THE".  So many ways to do this.

3.  Paint over the letters and the whole board with your favorite color of paint.  It's all right if the pain runs a little bit under the letters.  This gives it the vintage look.

4.  When the paint is dry, carefully remove the letters.  Sand the edges of the letters and all around the wood in random places to give them that rustic, vintage look. And then your sign is done!

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