Friday, September 28, 2012


I love being a stay at home mom!  Like any job, it has its ups and downs and even major bumps in the road, but it's still an awesome job. I am passionate about trying to enjoy my children and love my husband with all my heart.  

Let me introduce myself just a little here.  I've been married for 14 years to My Man.  My Man is  energetic, hard-working, and sometimes impulsive.  I'm calm, careful, and sometimes shy.  He loves to joke. I love to laugh.  He cooks.  I'm learning to cook.  He loves tools.  I love books.  He likes scuba diving.  I like camping.  He hates chocolate (gasp!).  I love chocolate.  He's into medicine and keeping germs at bay.  He loves everyone to have clean hands before meals.  I'm independent and I try to be crafty (though it doesn't always work).  I enjoy children and kid stuff.  I strive for balance in all things. I love the dishwasher to be neatly organized.  He leaves his socks on the floor.  I leave the bed unmade.

Together we have 3 energetic children.  Sweet Tween is 12 years old.  Little Son is 9 years old.  Baby Girl is 6 years old.

Sweet Tween is social, dramatic, and full of giggles.  She's an avid reader and a good writer.  She's tenderhearted, strong-willed, and opinionated.  She is quite out-spoken (gotta watch what she says!). She's also a HUGE help to me.

Little Son is a thinker.  He loves learning and reading non-fiction.  He's super competitive (sometimes to point of tears) in everything and so he loves sports, and any kind of challenge or game.  He's careful, loves routine, and has a very soft heart.

Baby Girl is a little person, but she makes sure she is heard.  She is determined and organized.  She's sweet and sometimes patient, but doesn't allow herself to stepped on.  She has quite the sense of humor and is pretty "street smart". She's into dolls and dress-up and growing up too fast.

We live in a smallish town in the arid West, but spent the previous 10 years living in the humid South while My Man finished med school.  Religion plays a huge part in our lives as does our extended family.  We are striving for a fun, balanced, value-centered home.  Things don't always work out for us, but that is life . . . so here goes nothing!

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