Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween Happiness: Fun Ideas for Children's Halloween Party

Halloween is the perfect time to forget about the dishes and do some fun fall stuff.  Here's a few things we've done over the years to make Halloween happy:

And remember, I'm no professional.  I'm just a mom who's trying to have fun with my kids (and I'm very thankful for the internet to give me ideas when I'm out of creativity).

Monster Cupcakes  Little Son went crazy over these!  From Family Fun.

Apple Teeth  A good way to sneak in something healthy.

Forked Eyeballs  Made from doughnut holes dipped in white chocolate.  These are always a hit.

SLIME!  This is just vanilla pudding with neon green food coloring in it.  Simple.

Ghost Punch.  Not sure where I heard this idea, but we just froze water inside to latex gloves and then added it to a bowl of green punch.  My Man told the kids that a ghost had died and that was all that was left.  Totally corny, but the kids loved the story and drank this up!

Cheap party favors from Dollar Tree and other discount stores.  Party cups and plates are super cheap there too and just add to the fun for the kids.

Use your imaginations and ENJOY MOTHERHOOD!

Please post other ideas!

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