Monday, January 20, 2014

36...I Mean 35 (My Birthday)

January is my birthday month.  So today I'm sharing with you a hilarious experience that I had with my kidlets on my birthday last year.  I'm re-posting it so we can laugh about it all over again!  And if you are wondering what I want for my birthday . . . .

Now here's the feature presentation:

36 . . . I Mean 35 (My Birthday 2013)
Yesterday I woke up and it was my birthday.  I am 35 now.  I laid in my bed and felt a little annoyed that was 35.  I thought, "Now I am in the 'uppers'.  I'm in my upper thirties.  If I take a survey, I'll have to check the 35-45 year-old box.  I'll no longer be classified with the twenty-somethings."  I remember when my mom was 35.  I thought I would never make it to that age.  Now here I am--35 and counting.

So I got out of bed, feeling this new sensation of birthday negativity, only to find that my children were ecstatic that it was my big day.  "Wait Mom! Don't come in! Our surprise isn't ready!" they squealed.  They were busy in the kitchen creating stuff for me.  Turns out it was a scavenger hunt with pictures they had created for me as the treasure at the end.

The scavenger hunt had some hilarious clues that sent me all over the house.  Finally, when I found the pictures they had made we sat down together and looked at them.  This is what I found all over their pictures for me:

What?!  Somehow they got it in their heads that I was 36.  So now it's like I skipped a year!  I decided to tell them gently, "Mommy is actually 35, but it's ok.  No biggie."


"Nope Mom.  You're 36.  You are the same age as Daddy."

"No I'm not.  Daddy is a year older than me."  I almost had to sit down and show them the math.  Is this about when kids decide they "know" more than their parents?  Cause seriously, if there comes a time where I don't know my own age, then yes, they can take over.

Finally, I settled it with them and had them convinced that I really was 35.  And so we moved on with the rest of our day.

That evening it was birthday cake time.  My Man had made me a delicious German Chocolate Cake.  As he set the cake on the table and starts putting in candles, I hear one of my kidlets say in all seriousness, "Daddy, make sure you put on 36 candles!"

I sigh to myself and think, "Okay, okay.  I guess I am glad that I'm only 35 and I will never complain about it again."  And with that I blew out my candles and wished for a happy year ahead.


  1. Just think! You get to be #1 36 year old mom for two years in a row!!!

  2. So true! That's a positive way to look at it!

  3. This made me laugh out loud! Kids are great. I love the fun things your kids do for you!


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