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WINTER PARTY FOR KIDS--Take the "Blah" Out of Winter

I think January can be such a "blah" month.  The hype of Christmas is over.  School has started again.   The money is gone.  And it's COLD.  My birthday is even in January and I can't seem to fall in love with the month at all.

This year my kidlets were super bummed to have Christmas over and put away.  So I told them that sometime in the middle of boring January we would have a WINTER PARTY.  A party for no reason.  A party to take the "blah" out of winter.

BUT IT HAD TO BE SIMPLE.  I did not want to repeat the craziness of the holidays just yet.

We had a perfect snowy afternoon to do our party.  The kidlets had an early-out day at school.  It had just snowed big time, and staying home sounded perfect.  Here's what we did.  Hopefully, this will inspire you to find ways to make the long dreary winter become fun again:

First thing to do--DECORATE!

Children hate putting the Christmas tree away.  So decorate for the party or for January in general.  Make it feel fun, even if it's a little cheesy.  Little kids love cheesy.

The SNOW words above are from The Wood Connection.  Love their stuff.

These are from Walmart.  Little snowmen ornaments I found after Christmas for super cheap.

I visited stores after Christmas and found all this snowmen stuff for 50%-75% off and used it all for this party.  I mean, a 28 pack of hot cocoa cups for 60 cents! Super deal, which totally helps with the money being low and all.

I decorated while the kidlets were at school so that when they came home they were surprised with a room full of winter joy.

Second--Party Food!

We had a simple lunch.  I really wanted to keep it easy, so that I was having fun too (if ya know what I mean--a stressed mommy, is a cranky mommy).

 Cocoa, Cutie oranges, and homemade bread that we already had. Rhodes bread or soup would have been easy and comforting too.

 Penguin crackers from Walmart.  They taste a lot like Cheddar Bunnies.  Kidlets like 'em.

Tortilla cut-outs.  The kidlets cut out tortillas and rolled turkey inside or we baked them with cinnamon and sugar.  Like this tutorial on Sweet Tortilla Snowflakes at Tis the Season.

Another idea is a BOWLFUL of SNOW!  I found Vanilla and Peppermint Cotton Candy at the after-Christmas sales and put it in a bowl for a fun treat.  Fun Sweets King Size Cotton Candy, 4 Ounce

Fun Sweets King Size Cotton Candy, 4 Ounce This kidlets loved this and dipped it in their hot cocoa.

We had a whole afternoon together, so we needed some activities.

 Pin the Nose on the Snowman.  Found this on Christmas clearance, but you can easily make one like this.

SNOW PAINTING  was really easy.  Just make sure they squirt away from their clothes.

 Play in the SNOW.  No winter party would be complete without a real snowman.

You could have an indoor snowball fight!  Click {HERE} for ideas AND free printables! 

Warm up inside with Wall Painting.  Tape leftover Christmas wrapping paper to the wall or the kitchen table and let them color with markers or crayons.  We are using washable dot art markers.

They love the large canvas.  More wrapping paper re-use ideas HERE and HERE

Then my son was dying to make his own snow globe that he saw in the The Friend Magazine for kids
 snowman in jar

Finish the day with something yummy.  We decorated sugar cookies.

Hope this helps bring some joy in January!  Leave your comments and ideas!

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  1. Thanks so much for linking this awesome party! Featuring you tomorrow!

    1. Awesome! Thank you so much! I look forward to checking it out!

  2. Visiting from the Raising Memories party! My daughter's birthday is in January and I have to admit... it def is not the most fun month of all! At least you have snow though! I would love some for a couple of days! Whenever January comes around I am usually just ready for spring! Your party looks like a very fun way to beat those January blahs though! They look like they had a lot of fun!!

    1. Yes a little party on a regular day always helps! I hope you get a chance to try some ideas. Thanks for stopping by!


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