Monday, February 4, 2013

Bloggers Against Drunk Drivers

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I'm totally excited to support BADD: Bloggers Against Drunk Drivers.  My friend Kari from Newlyweds on a Budget is the force behind this movement.  She's an amazing person and has overcome a terrible accident this past year caused by a drunk driver.  You can read about her story HERE.

I also was hit by an intoxicated driver in 2007 when I was 6.5 months pregnant with Baby Girl.  I was walking with Little Son (who was 3 at the time) and holding his hand as pedestrians on a sidewalk that crossed over a large cement ditch.  I was hit from behind by a man who was driving under the influence of drugs.  He drove up onto the sidewalk, hit me from behind.  I flew over the railing and down 9-10 feet into the ditch below.  

 It was a life-changing experience for me and I will post more about my miracle and accident this week.  READ ABOUT IT {HERE}

The fact that I am here today is a MIRACLE, but I do not think everyone is as lucky as Kari and I.  Just this past Friday a police officer in Arkansas was killed by an intoxicated driver.  He was working traffic control for a previous crash when he was struck by the intoxicated driver.  He was only 26 years old.  You can read about it HERE.

The solution to stop all this is as simple as not getting in the driver's seat when you are under the influence.  Accidents involving drunk driving takes place every 45 minutes (source).

Kari is challenging all of you who tweet, facebook, blog, instagram, email or whatever to Stand Up for Sobering Up this Friday, February 8th.  Extend a challenge to your readers, followers, friends (or through any social media) to show your support for sober driving.  All it takes is a simple post.  Please help.

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