Saturday, February 23, 2013

Motherhood Can Be FUN . . . if you let it

I think sometimes we forget that being a mom CAN and SHOULD be FUN.  Why is that?

Is it because of never-ending dishes in the sink, piles of laundry, or a floor that never stays clean (my personal pet peeve)?  Yup, I think that's one reason.

But I think there's more to it than that.

I think we often live in a "what's in it for me?" kind of world.  We aren't given a weekly paycheck to be a mom.  We aren't given a lot of recognition.  Whenever I have to write down my occupation on a form of some kind, I feel like I hafta write "Just a Mom" and I secretly wish I could put "Mom and Secret Agent for the FBI" or something super cool like that.  When we feel our roles have no value, then it wipes the FUN right out of our job.

I learned a major thing after being so close to death in my accident in 2007.  When I thought about all the things I'd miss about my life if I had died that day, I realized I would have missed the simplest of things that I do with my children and my husband--braiding Sweet Tween's hair, helping Little Son build with his blocks, kissing Baby Girl's cheeks, and holding My Man's hand.  Basically, I would miss my life as a mommy and wife and the things I NEVER get paid for.

"It takes a strong person to stay home and be a mom".  That's what my mom told me 11 years ago when I sat in her living room holding my first newborn and crying as I tried to figure out my new role as a mother.  It's true, strength just sort of comes with the job.  We get it even before our children are born . . . and it grows with us each day.

But just because we have to be strong does not mean we can't have FUN.  Let yourself enjoy it.  Make it FUN.  Make it worthwhile.  Let yourself find peace with being a mom and doing stuff for others that they will never know about (yes, that includes cleaning up the child's puke in the middle of the night).

Let's be proud to be mothers.  Let's be happy to be in this role.  Let's remember what matters most.
Let's have FUN!


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