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My Accident and Miracle Part 5

My Accident and Miracle

Part 5

Pure Goodness.  I know without a doubt that it still exists in our world and in the hearts of most people.

I had spent a long night at the UAMS hospital on March 6th with a baby monitor on my belly that counted the heartbeats of my little one.  I had 2 more ultrasounds and many checks by doctors and nurses.   Each doctor and nurse would exclaim in amazement something like this, "Wow.  I don't know how you survived this!"  But I knew.  It was the Goodness of God.

I came home from the hospital the next day very bruised and banged up.  I felt very broken.  I worried how I would get better in time to help My Man not miss any med school.  When I walked in my kitchen, there on the table was a basket of goodies from friends who had already been watching Little Son for part of that day. 

Before long there was a knock at our door, it was another friend named Susan.  Susan is often the first to volunteer for something.  She had dinner for us.  We talked for awhile, and she said, "People are going to want to help you." 

To this comment, I quickly replied, "Oh, I'll be fine.  I just need a couple of days.  It's no big deal."  I think instinctively we want to be independent and not a burden to others.  I am a person who definitely hates the feeling that someone is being "put out" just because of me. 

But I have never forgotten how Susan responded to this.  She said firmly yet sweetly, "Let them help you.  They need it just as much as you."

So I did.  Many people helped us in so many ways.  And it turned out I really did need the help.  I was barely able to walk and I couldn't even shower or go to the bathroom by myself, let alone tend my kids or drive them around.  The extreme dizziness took over much of my abilities for at least 2 full weeks and up to a month for some things.

Here are most of the people who demonstrated great goodness.  I hope to always remember:

My Man--Of course my husband was my true companion through all of this.  He tenderly doctored each one of my wounds faithfully each day.  He helped me do all the embarrassing things that are already hard when you are pregnant, and even worse when you are wounded and pregnant.  He took care of my every need, and our children's as well (except he had a hard time doing Sweet Tween's hair--hee hee).  He would sit with me on our bed and keep me company during the long hours of bed rest.  He'd give me the fluffiest pillows and watch funny TV re-runs with me to cheer me up.  He hugged me everyday . . . and he kissed many tears away.

My Mom--My mom was miles away in Utah, but she was there for me every single day anyway.  When she had first heard about my accident, she had been with my 2 aunts.  They were sorting through my grandma's things because she had just recently passed away.  My mom and my 2 aunts immediately said a prayer together.  Like a mother, she had wondered what she could have done to protect me from such a thing.  She was going to fly out to help me, but we convinced her that we would be okay.  Mom called me every single day to check on me.  She always wanted an update on how I was doing.  Then she would always buoy up my spirits with good jokes and faith-promoting wisdom.  We discussed over and over how such a miracle could have occurred.  My mother's emotional support was priceless.  Knowing that she was praying for me put my heart at ease much of the time too.

My Dad and My Siblings--My Dad and my brothers and sisters were a wonderful support too.  Each one called me.  Dad's words would bring me peace and calm.  I knew his prayers combined with Mom's were some of the best you could get.  My sisters called me and just made me feel better.  It was fun to have my brothers check in on me too.   They were a huge support to me!

All My Man's family--They were amazing too.  Grandma gave so much support even though she was in her 90's.  My Man's parents called many, many times.  They all prayed for us.  Mark's brothers and sisters were so loving and supportive.  Cards and phone calls helped so much.

My friends--They helped me immediately from the beginning.  They watched Sweet Tween and Little Son so many times and drove them around.  They coordinated dinners, rides, and childcare.  Few of them let my children stay overnight while I was at the hospital.

One friend was another answer to prayer.  She was serving as the president of the children's classes at our church and she happened to be inside the school to pick up her kids when she saw my Sweet Tween there waiting for me in the lobby of the school.  My friend asked Sweet Tween where her mom was, but she didn't know, then the secretary of the school came and told my friend that I had been in an accident.  She took Sweet Tween home with her.  This was a little miracle for us too.  My daughter rarely went home with anyone else, and she was able to trust and feel good about going with the President of the Children from church.  Heavenly Father knew she was the best person to show up at the time.

There were many more friends and church family who helped me with my kidlets while I recovered.  It was amazing.  Many just called or just sent kinds words our way.  So many people in my church and family told me how they prayed or fasted for me and my babe.

Faith and Prayer are real.  They do work.  There is still much GOODNESS that exists in our world.  

This is just one story that proves that. 

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