Wednesday, March 27, 2013

TELL THEM Challenge Assessment

So how did you do on the TELL THEM Challenge?  If you missed it, there's still time to do it and read about it {HERE}.  Were you able to remember to tell your kidlets the positive things you think about them?   Did you tell them anything specific that you loved about them?

I found that some of my children were easier at times than others.  I think it depended on how my relationship was going with them that day.  It also depended on my mood.  If I was feeling cranky, then ain't nobody gonna get a positive word, let alone thought outta me! Some days are like that.

Sweet Tween loved being told positive things.  She always responded with a big smile and a little hug or arm squeeze back.  Little Son kinda acted like he didn't really hear me . . . he may be too "boy cool" to respond, but I know he did hear me because his expression would fill with pride.  Baby Girl was shy about it and would respond with an embarrassed smile.

I've decided I need to keep working on it though.  More positive-ness can't hurt.  And I believe in Happiness.  My goal now is to extend it to others, especially to My Man and even to Myself.  I really don't need to speak out positive thoughts to Myself, but I should probably work on thinking them in the first place.

I hope you'll give this challenge a try and believe in Happiness too.

P.S. THANK YOU FOR VOTING FOR ME! I appreciate every click as I try to spread the happiness . . .


  1. What a GREAT thing to do! I love this! Such an easy simple thing to do to make a child smile! Thank you for stopping by my blog

    You have a new follower in me!

    All the best,
    Deb @

  2. Really tried to make an effort on it. Kind of easy for my teenager since her birthday just passed. Noticed that my husband wanted to be in on the loop and wanted to know why he wasn't getting in great positive comments directed toward him. What can I say? Still working on it also.


    1. Thanks Sharon . . . I'm afraid I'll be working on it all the time along with many other things!


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