Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Garden--Day 2

Hopefully you saw my recent post We Decided to Plant a Garden.  It shows are garden beginnings and a fun idea to make these rock markers and get your kidlets involved in the gardening.

Here's our next step in our garden.  Prepping the dirt and planting.

With the help of our neighbor's Roto-tiller we got some pretty awesome rows.

 Again, more child-involvement.  We let them help put in the seeds and water them.  I planted the little plants.

We did not plant all our seeds.  We'll wait til May for some of them.

 We bought a few pea plants to grow along with the seeds.  We'll see which is better.

We call them our PLANT BABIES.  I'm hoping these don't freeze . . . I gotta have fresh tomatoes.  If they freeze, I'm gonna hafta get me some new BABIES.


We planted some flowers at the edge of our vegetable garden and then some in the pot.  They liked planting the flowers.

Crossing our fingers for Spring Weather!

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