Saturday, April 27, 2013

Keep Kids on the Safe Side

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So  the other day I turned on the Safari internet on my iPad.  I noticed that a child of mine had been surfing the internet for "Spy Kids 2" (the Disney movie).  We have pretty strong rules at our house about kidlets searching through the internet unsupervised.  My kidlets know they cannot search on the internet without me or My Man by their side.  They can play games that we have selected and bookmarked for them.  But no surfing.  This includes YouTube. {You can read my post about the dangers of YouTube for children HERE}

Anyway, so I started asking my kidlets, "Who was searching the internet for Spy Kids 2?"

"Not me," Sweet Tween quickly replied.

"Not me," Little Son said.

Then a little voice next to me spoke up.  It was Baby Girl who said, "I did it. I was looking for the movie so I could watch it."

Whaaat? My Baby Girl?  Baby Girl was searching the internet! She's 5 years old!  She typed it in! I started to think about if she knew what that little Safari icon was.  But it doesn't matter . . . she's figured it out somehow.  This is her world.  She will never know life without instant internet access.  She's seen us use it a million times by now.

It got me thinking about children and media again.  How scary to know that a 5 or 6 year old kid can easily search the internet.  In a matter of seconds, they can access whatever is out there.  The could spell something wrong or click on the wrong thing in only a few seconds.  

So here's a reminder for you (AND ME) to put better controls on our media devices! Don't leave them laying around (like I did) left open for them to find stuff!  Don't underestimate your smart child!

Teach your children about the dangers of the internet.  I have an awesome video that does just that The Safe Side - Stranger Safety: Hot Tips To Keep Cool Kids Safe With People They Don't Know And Kinda Know .   It's part of the The Safe Side company and the movie was made by John Walsh of America's most wanted and Julie Clark of Baby Einstein videos.  The movies are funny, zany, and not too scary.  They inform kids about safety in a way they can totally understand without freaking them out.  I also highly recommend their The Safe Side - Internet Safety  video.  You can buy them at Amazon or iTunes.  (P.S. I REALLY like these videos for teaching children.)

Here's a clip or two:

The thing that makes these different is they teach about 1) Strangers you don't know 2) People you kinda know 3) People you and your parents trust.  It's explained very well.

So basically, let's keep our kidlets safe. Let's pay attention to them.  Let's teach them about the dangers out there and give them rules that will protect them.  I hope this helps someone! - Kids Ages 2-6 – Click here to get your First Month Free! offers great educational games for your children. They also have free apps.  Another way to provide safe computer use for your children!


  1. Very thought-provoking! My little one is only a year and a half and I thought I wouldn't have to start thinking about "internet stuff" until he was older...and certainly not at five! Totally opened my eyes :) Thanks!

  2. I know what you mean! Even my almost 3 year old has gotten on YouTube without our permission. We have a password on the tablet that we have to put in for him to play games so I was aware he was playing games. He had been playing Angry Birds but clicked a link to the Rovio YouTube channel & from there had clicked a link to a similar video. Thankfully I noticed before it got too far. We'll have to check out those videos you mentioned! Another awesome resource is the Safety Kids cds by Brite Music. I grew up with them & the songs have stuck with me even today! The only downside is I'm not sure if there's an internet safety one. It wasn't as much of an issue back then...

    1. Oh yes, I love the Safety Kids. Thanks for reminding me about those. I love that they use songs to help kids remember stuff and such practical ideas that kids can remember like looking for a mom with children if you are lost.

  3. I taught computers in an elementary school for six years, kindergarten through sixth grade. We used a website called NetSmartz to help them learn about being safe. It has great activities for little kids through teenagers. It's so important to teach them to be safe.

    1. Oh good to know! I will have to check out NetSmartz. Thanks!

  4. I can completely relate. My 3 year old son knows how to operate any tablet, phone, or computer you give him. It's crazy the things that are out on the internet now days so we have to be vigilant in keeping kids safe. Great post!

    Jessica Scott

    1. Yes, 3 year old are amazing computer techs nowadays! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. We have K9 web browser installed on ALL our devices and no safari on any kid devices except our PC and Ipads. We have it so that images cannot be searched on Google but you can set it as strongly as you want to. It started with our older kids searching innocently for images to print for school projects and there was always an image that showed up unrelated and obscene. So now if our kids need images we search on safe websites K9 allows instead. Also, we have stopped playing internet computer games and have focused on purchased games that we know are ok like Wii or Nintendo DS or IPad apps. This has really helped us stay safe.


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