Monday, May 6, 2013

Family Happiness

Family Happiness is . . . 

Snuggling, not sneering.
Laughing, not leering.
Talking and tearing.
Holding and hearing.
Challenging and cheering.
Hoping, not fearing.

What do you think family happiness is?

I'm teaming up with Limetree ( and their contest on family happiness to bring you 5 premium Limetree accounts to give away to my readers (coming soon!).

Limetree is an awesome website and app that help you easily document your child's growing moments through pics, stories, letters, video and more.  It's the new way to scrapbook! Their app is free and so is their basic account.  After that, they have different levels of accounts you can pay for yearly, depending on how much.  The premium account is worth $36 per year!
Visit their Limetree Facebook page to learn more!

Hope you have a happy Monday! ... Label the things you love !!

Label Daddy Camp Pack label pack is here!

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