Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm a Cub Scout Mama: Derby Daze

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In Cub Scouts, the Pinewood Derby is the ULTIMATE competition!  We recently had ours and I thought I'd post some fun pics to give you ideas for your own Cub Scout Pinewood Derby.  Little Son had a blast, by the way, and I think he got 4th place (I'm not sure because our troop decided to not call out exact winners to save some tears, but I peaked at the list.  But each boy got a unique prize with some candy.  Little Son got "Greatest Firepower!"  He loved that!)

 The Man Zone.  Where the race car was created . . . 

 Little Son wanted an army tank.  He sanded and sanded that thing!

 We used vinyl to make the camo and the skull.  Some of our vinyl was white so Little Son colored it in with permanent marker.

 Another car that My Man helped another boy in our troop make.

 A place for all the boys to fix their cars. 

 The Pit Stop area had milks (we bought from the local school cafeteria--.25 each) and chocolate donuts as SPARE TIRES.  Thank you Pinterest!

Good times!

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