Monday, May 13, 2013

Kisses From the Sun

Every summer I have the same problem.  My problem is FRECKLES.  I have fair, rosy skin and many, many freckles.  My Mama used to tell me that my freckles were "kisses from the sun."  But sometimes I think they are curses from the sun.

Now don't get me wrong.  I love my freckles.  They are cute.  They match my hair.  They are me.  But here's my problem--sunburns.

Every year, after a long, cold winter spent indoors, I step outside into the summer sun gleaming with whiteness.  I have actually seen people have to put their sunglasses on as I pass by them with my very white skin.  

Every summer I have to put on SPF 30+ sunscreen DAILY.  It's greasy and annoying. And even then, the sun always finds the one spot that I missed--behind my ears, on my scalp, even my toes--and the sun burns it.  OUCH.

So here's what I've decided.  This year I need to get a big tent.  You know the kind . . . those big marquee tents like the ones here

These are those big gazebo things and they are even PORTABLE!  I could take it with me camping.  I could take it to Little Son's soccer games.  I could set it up in our treeless backyard.  If only there was a way to carry it around with me to the amusement park . . . like a big old umbrella.  Can't you just picture me sitting under one of those and relaxing all summer--still white and gleaming, but relaxing none-the-less?  I could even get it printed . . . what would it say?  Pebbles and Piggytails?  Sunburns and Skin Cancer?  And best yet, I could sit there with my whole fam, especially Baby Girl who has started getting a few kisses from the sun herself.

Anyway, what are your struggles with the sun?  How do you protect your kidlets from sun damage?  How do you protect yourself?  I know most of you are tan and golden out there, but you've still gotta have some good insights for me.  If your kidlets tan well (as do My Man and my 2 oldest children) do you still worry about sunscreen?

Get ready. Summer is coming.  Get tan or get freckly.  Bring on the sun!

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  1. This year I'm going to try coconut oil as a sunscreen. I LOVE coconut oil for so many reasons, and I've been doing a lot of research on using it as a sunscreen. It's natural, no chemicals, and works! I hate all the nasty chemicals in the sunscreens that are decently priced!

    1. Cool! I didn't know about that. I'm so gonna look into coconut oil!

  2. I dont have a cure for you, but I have a story. My oldest was about 2 months old. It was a freakishly hot Memorial Day weekend and she was a wee little 2 mont old. We were going to be in the sun and even though she would be under an umbrella, I still wanted to put sunscreen on her just in case. She had/has pale white blinding skin. So I put a little on despite the warnings about not using it on children under 6 months. I figured the pro's outweighed the cons. So I was mentioning it to my super-paranoid mother best friend who freaked. Apparently the warnings are serious...the sunscreen potentially can seep through the skin of lil babies and poison them. Another one of my lovely bonehead mother moments. Ughh...good news is that she survived. :)


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