Saturday, May 25, 2013

Making an Uglyish Sofa Look Better with $2 PILLOWS

I'm not gonna lie, my sofa set is kinda ugly.  It's not horrible, so that is why I say it's only ugly-ish.  We've had this for 10 years.  This color used to be in style. . . I suppose.  It's the first sofa that we actually bought and didn't just inherit or find on the curb.  I almost didn't post this, because it truly isn't very stylish.  But I wanted my readers to see that sometimes it's ok to make-do with what you have.  Uglyish or not.

Well, money is tight and this sofa is still here.  But it needed some help.  Quick help.  Easy help.  Something a non-sewing, not-very-creative, person like me could do in one afternoon.
 I found some super nice material samples at Jo Anns fabric and craft store.  
They were on clearance for $1 each!  They were the perfect size for a pillow.
 I have very neutral colors in my house--browns, tans with a touch of gold and green.  We are renting and so it must stay that way for now.  Jo Ann's had many styles and colors and I happened to find a bunch of samples that would accent my boring sofa.  

And so the $2 pillow project began!  (Each side of the pillow used one material sample, so $1 for each side and then I stuffed them with some flat pillows we had bought 6 months ago for guest and they were already FLAT)

 The edges were already finished, so I just had to turn them inside out and sew STRAIGHT LINES (very important for me) all around the material edge.
 I left an opening for the stuffing and stuffed away. . . 

 Then I used my machine to close up the opening.  Not perfect, but small enough that no one notices.

 The $2 Pillow

 I made 4 of them in one afternoon.  My sewing friends should be proud . . . 

 Now wouldn't you say that my couch is just a eensy teensy bit less ugly now?

Hope this inspires you to find a away to spice something up in your home for pennies. . . good luck! ... Label the things you love !!

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