Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Garden Drama Continues--Garden Post 5

So after my Tomato Babies died in the late Spring snow, I decided I needed to try again.  So 1 week ago I planted 3 tomato plants and 2 pepper plants.  This time I was prepared and bought some Wall-o-Waters to put around them for protection.

Well, EXACTLY THREE HOURS after I planted them, we got the phone call that our landlords were selling the home we rent and we would have to be out in about 30 days.  We are moving. GRRRRR.

So now my question is to all you smart gardener people out there . . . What Should I Do With My Tomato Babies?  Should I transplant them?  Dunno.  The new house we are moving to does not have a garden plot in the yard.  Should I put them in a pot?  If so, when?  Should I leave them and hope the next inhabitants with take care of them?

Who knew a GARDEN could have so much DRAMA?

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  1. Oh my goodness! I completely feel for you! I planted my garden, and then hubs lost his job...last year. Then this year, we just buy our house, I plant the garden, and hubs lost his job again! It's so sad, but I just leave my plants there. If you're not moving too far, and you have starts, I would go ahead and get them replanted asap into a pot. Then take it with you. Otherwise, let the new owners enjoy.

    1. Oh, it's good to know in not alone! Thank you for the good advice. I am leaning towards taking at least 1 plant.


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