Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Good, The Bad and The Hopeful--Garden Post 4

Well, if you've been following my Garden Posts you will know that I have been so excited to plant a big garden this year.  And you will also know that my bubble of excitement was popped right away when it SNOWED on my Plant Babies.  I tried to save them.  And they lived and first . . .but then it snowed again! And froze again.  A whole week of yucky weather.

Then they died.

Well, at least the tomatoes died.  (I know, I know . . . I planted them WAY too early. But you have to remember that I just moved to the West 10 months ago after living in the warm, humid South).  So that's the BAD part.  Live and learn.

The GOOD part has 2 things.  1st Good Thing:  My peas and lettuce LIVED through the snow.  They are going strong.  And the Flower Babies lived too.

The 2nd Good Thing:

I looked out into my backyard more than once this past month and found this:

And this:

My kidlets would go out on their own and check on the garden!  They'd take buckets of water and carefully water each Plant Baby.   Getting them involved in the gardening process really worked.  I decided it's totally worth letting them help, teaching them how to care for it, and yes, even making them weed it.

They were bitterly disappointed when the tomatoes died.

Which is why we are going to TRY AGAIN.  We'll plant the tomatoes again.  And we are HOPEFUL it'll work this time.

Stay tuned!

OH, AND THANKS TO ALL WHO ENTERED MY 11:11 PASSPORT HOLDER GIVEAWAY!!!  I'll be emailing the winners today!!!

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