Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Things I Gave Up to Become a Mother

Mother's Day is coming. I've thought about being a mom a lot.  As I am sure many of you have.  I look at my stretch marks, my extra bills, my yet-to-be-created masterpiece that I have swirling in my brain, and realize I have given up much to be a mother.  

BUT then I look again, with different eyes, and remember I have gained so much too. . . . 

The Things I Gave Up to Become a Mother
By Lisa at

I gave up sleep -- and gained understanding.

I gave up time -- and learned patience.

I gave up selfishness -- and gained charity.

I gave up childhood dreams -- and found fulfillment in reality.

I gave up weakness -- and became strong.

I gave up fear -- and found confidence.

I gave up perfection -- and found peace.

I gave up loneliness--and found friendship in tiny faces.

I gave up youth -- and gained laugh lines in my smile.

I gave up pride -- and gained insight and wisdom.

I gave my ALL  -- and I found true joy. 

So for this Mother's Day remember that Motherhood is a Gift.  Despite the trials, heartache, and sleepless nights, I am a better person because I am a mother.

What have you given up?  What have you gained?


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