Sunday, June 30, 2013

Feeling a little thankful

Today is Sunday.  I love Sunday.  It's my day to finally stop and think.  It's my day to think about what matters most in my life.  The other days of the week are just too crazy.  Monday through Friday is so scheduled.  Saturday is always full.  So Sunday is my day to really take a breather and focus on the most important things.

On Sunday, I try to stay away from the store and from the cleaning and regular to-do lists.  I try to make it a family day, a church day, and a quiet day.  Though sometimes Sunday can be the most bustling day of all, as it is filled with the good things in my life--the things that sometimes get forgotten during the week--it's still one of the best days.

So today I'm feeling a little thankful.  I am thankful for our new home.  It's a better price, a better layout, and it already feels like home.  And even though we had only a month's notice to move and find somewhere, I am thankful that we did move.  We were able to find something better.  It's interesting how God leads our lives.  He often has the best things in store for us, if we just listen.

I'm thankful for kidlets who have survived a cranky mommy and a frustrated daddy through this month of moving and packing.  They've given up some of their summer fun.  They have been such good helpers--packing their rooms, cleaning and doing there part, and then sometimes just staying out of our way when we needed to get things done.  Now that I am settled, I hope to go back to being my normal self for them.

I am also thankful for all those that helped us.  The many neighbors that helped us move stuff over--we got it done in less than 3 hours!  And my friends that helped me unpack my kitchen.  The family that helped us clean out our old house.  And the family that listened to me as I searched for homes and dealt with the frustration of moving.  And to my readers on this blog who have been patient with my whining and lack of steady content and who commented with words of encouragement.

And lastly, I am soooo thankful that this JUNE is FINALLY OVER!!!  Wahoo! Time to have fun this summer again!

Welcome July.  You're a sight for sore eyes.

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