Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Solution #2 -- Reuse Wrapping Paper

I'm posting a new series of fun boredom buster for kids called Summer Solutions.  If you've been following you'll recall my Summer Solution #1 was the Summer Surprise Box

Here's Summer Solution #2:

We are moving this month (as I explained HERE:  And as I'm packing I found TONS of Christmas Wrapping Paper that I had just planned on saving for next year.  Well, not anymore.  I'm so not moving the wrapping paper.

So I Reused the Wrapping Paper and put it to good use.
Early this morning I took a roll and spread it out across the table.  I put some art supplies out too.  THEN I JUST LEFT IT THERE WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING . . . just to see if my kidlets would catch on to what I wanted them to do.

Slowly, they realized I wanted them to decorate the paper.  Throughout the day each child came at different times and sat for a LONG time just doodling.

I told them it would be our table cloth for the day.  So at dinner time, we had an awesome background to our dinner.
We got tons of cute pictures from Baby Girl.
Some battles scenes from Little Son.
Sweet Tween added her own personal flare complete with a text message . . . 

Tomorrow I'll set up another roll of paper and they can start all over again.  Hope this helps you find a way to bust the summer boredom with creativity.  Good luck!


  1. That's a really great idea! Good luck with the move!

  2. HOLY MOLY!!!! What a great idea, an idea that makes me smack my head saying, "Why didn't I think of that!" Moving is tough so good luck babe!

  3. Lisa I have so say how embarrassed of my food blog I am. Your blog is awesome! When people hear about mine I always try and keep it a secret because I haven't had the time to amp it up yet. Oh well...Someday! Love your photographs and your super fun Mommy posts! Good luck with the move! Same thing happened to one of my family members. Very stressful! Say hi to my favorite girlies! Gayle

    1. Gayle (I'm so not used to calling you that), you have great blog and don't forget about all those sweet kids you inspired all year! Every blog starts small at first, so no worries. Hope all is well!


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