Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Basic Smoothie Recipe and Yummi Pouches!

It's DEATHLY HOT here!  Is anyone else dying in this heat wave??  I'm trying to eat healthier and I needed something cold and refreshing the other day.  I wanted ice cream or a huge slushee.  So I made a basic smoothie.  I've been making these smoothies for years and it calmed my cold craving.

This is a very basic smoothie recipe.  It's quite healthy too.  You can add or take away what you want.  Just throw it in your blender and see what happens.  Hopefully, this will help someone out there cool down . . .

Plus, I've found a cool way to save your extra smoothie . . . and keep it just as delicious for another day . . . it's called Yummi Pouch.

 I add 1-2 bananas

 2 cups of frozen fruit (no sugar added).  You can use fresh fruit too, just make sure to add ice cubes.

1 cup of yogurt.  This time I only had yogurt tubes--it used about 2 of them.

 I also add 1 cup or juice (100% pure juice, any kind) and a carrot stick or two. Add whatever veggies you want in there.
 Cold, creamy, and sweet.

This time I had extra, so I decided to try out the Yummi Pouch with the extra smoothie.  The Yummi Pouch is a reusable food pouch.  It's an easy way to store and eat smoothies, applesauce, homemade baby food, etc.  They are even dishwasher safe (which I actually tried, see below)!

 So I filled it.  It holds close to a cup

 It's easy to zip up and it holds very tight.

 Then I put them in the freezer for later.  I love that I could save my yummy smoothie so it didn't waste or have to be frozen in a cup.
 Then a couple days later we enjoyed our smoothie again!  It was just as good as the first time.  
 Easy to rinse out and put in the dishwasher.

And it came out clean.  The Yummi Pouch company suggests placing a wooden spoon in it while it's in the dishwasher to help it get clean.  I didn't have a problem though.

The other nice things about the Yummi Pouch you help the environment without even knowing it:
- BPA and Phthalate free
- Recyclable and fully CPSP compliant

If you want to try a YUMMI POUCH, email me or Facebook me!  I'll send you a sample.  I've got  4 pouches to give to a couple lucky readers!  First come first serve.  Also, we are giving away a whole set of them for FREE, plus a bunch of other awesome baby stuff {HERE} at the Baby Days Summer Giveaway!!!

Basic Smoothie Recipe
 1-2 bananas
1 cup yogurt
2 cups frozen fruit
1 cup juice
1-2 carrot sticks

Blend and go!  If you use fresh fruit, make sure to add ice.  You can replace the juice with milk or water or try whatever floats your boat!

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  1. I've never heard of the yummi pouch! Great idea!

    1. They are cool! Email me if you want to try some.

  2. Crazy that you have had that heat wave. We have had a such a mild summer this time - still humid but not nearly as hot as last year. 2.5 weeks til we come!!


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