Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How to get the beachy waves hairstyle

Well, I hardly ever (like never) do posts on beauty, mostly because I'm just a regular mama and no expert on it.  But I have been trying to grow my hair out and trying some new styles.  This summer because it's SO hot and I've been super busy with moving and camping and kids so I've been trying the BEACHY WAVES HAIRSTYLE that I keep seeing everywhere.

I like the idea of this style because it looks easy (I mean it's almost messy, right? So how hard can that be?).  Plus, in the summer it uses less heat styling on my already fragile hair.  So I've been trying many methods.  

Sometimes I get it right . . . sometimes I get 80's hair.

Well, just at the right time I was given a sample of Ouidad to try out.  They are the CURL EXPERTS and I really liked the sample they gave me.  I posted about their 10% discount HERE and promised I would blog about the results after trying it.  You can get 10% off until JULY 31 if you enter PEBBLES at the checkout.  AND THEY ARE DONATING 100% of sales of the New Wave Create to American Red Cross in July!

I'll show you pics with Sweet Tween's hair (since I'm not good at photographing my own hair) . . . 

We got these 2 products to try:

 Ouidad Sea Spray for hair that has a slight texture or curly hair.  It creates a tousled texture and helps already wavy hair have "windswept waves."

Ouidad Texture Taffy (don't you love that name?) is for straighter hair.  This is COOL STUFF!  It makes straight hair look slightly wavy like you just stepped off the beach.

Let's demo the TEXTURE TAFFY. 

 So here's Sweet Tween's hair BEFORE when it's damp.  She has long, thick hair.  
It's generally very straight.
They say only use a nickel-sized amount and rub your hands until it's warm.  This is really all we needed.  A little goes a long way.
 When you rub it turns sticky--like TAFFY.  But your hair doesn't stay sticky. 
Then you scrunch it through your hair in an upward motion to get the waves going.  Try to get it all throughout.  It's sticky at first, but it dries just fine.

 The waves began immediately, even before drying.

 Then we dried it a little with the DIFFUSER on--probably less than 5 mins.  But it says you can air dry too (which is great for hot days).
 And here's the result.  Beachy Waves.  Pretty.

If you wanna get that discount, you have until the end of July.  Hope this helps!

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