Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Sweet Tween got a jaw expander today.  It's an annoying metal thing in her mouth.  In 3 weeks (just in time for her birthday) she'll get her braces and wear both together for a year or more.  She's sputtering like Daffy Duck now and finding food hard to chew.  She informed me that her LIFE IS OVER.

Little does she know that life is really over for My Man and I . . . or it feels like it, since we have to dish out the money for this.
Sweet Tween doesn't understand why she needs braces.  "My teeth are fine," she says . . . even though her overbite is humongous and she could balance pennies on her nearly horizontal teeth.  I'm glad she's happy with herself.  I've always taught her that beauty is more than skin-deep.  BUT I'm saving her from trouble in her dating years and a life of headaches and jaw pain from that overbite.

So as I listen to her complain and all the drama as she gets used to her new mouth, I remember my own experience and that braces really DO STINK.  I'm trying to show her compassion (even though I really just want to say "Suck it up!").  So I made a dinner of soft foods--meatloaf, potato salad, grapes, and smoothies.  I gave her a hug tonight and promised she would be used to it all very soon.  And then, I turned my patience (or maybe just my ability to ignore) on HIGH and I'm pretending I don't hear it anymore.

One day down . . . 2 more years to go.


  1. OMG...I had a jaw extender and it was horrible. It was done too early though and my jaw is worse now then ever. my lower right teeth are bending in...they wanted to perform a surgery...but I think they just messed up. they know more now then they did back then.
    Though I'll always remember not being able to have cheese burgers the day after the orthodontist because of the pain...sniffles.

    1. It really is horrible and I really had to try to remember how it felt. I hadn't even thought of it much until it was her turn. Crazy stuff for you. I HOPE they know more now!

  2. Your experience with braces helped you be a better mom than I. Nathan got his expander on July 3. I made steak for dinner July 4 (his absolute favorite) and told him to suck it up when he whined that he was choking on it. In my defense, I had already suggested cutting the steak smaller (than the 1/2 megablock sized chunks he was originally going with) and chewing more (than 3 times) before trying to swallow. Funnily enough, after the whining and the tears and I told him that he was welcome to only eat his jello, the steak disappeared in a timely manner.
    I'm glad I'll have someone to commiserate with. Good luck!

    1. We've had serious whining but now she's getting less so as she learns to adapt. Glad to know I'm not the only one and that he found a way to eat steak!!!


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