Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Stations -- a fun indoor activity with your kids

Summer Stations is one of our favorite ways to bust the boring summer blues.  It's a great indoor activity for kids.  And if you have more than one child, it's also a way to get some one-on-one with each child (which is sometimes hard to do with everyone home wanting a piece of your time).  It goes right along with my other Summer Solutions.  So I guess this is Summer Solution #6.

Here's what you do:

1. Think of 4-5 activities that your kidlets haven't done in a while.  This can be puzzles, bubbles, art projects, playdough, etc.  Have a few activities they can do on their own and then some that you can do (or need to do) with them.  See our examples below.
2. Set up a station for each activity.  Use the table, the kitchen, the back porch, the living room floor.  Anywhere that you can see them (and supervise) and so they don't feel isolated.
3. Divide the kids at each station.  No matter what every kid will get a chance at each station.
4. Set a timer.  We do about 15-20 mins per activity.  Not too short, but no one has time to get bored either.
5. Rotate.  If they don't like the station they are at, they know they'll be rotating soon.  Encourage them to try each activity and do their best.

*Something about setting up these activities in stations makes it seem more fun for them.  It takes up a good afternoon and is fairly simple to set up.*

Here's what we did:
I make simple signs, just to make it officially FUN.


The kidlets hadn't done this in awhile so they really go into it.

 STATION 2:  SNOW CONES w/ Mom.  We always have an activity that involves a snack.  This is their favorite.  Rotating allows me the chance to help them make it one at a time.

 STATION 3:  PRETEND PLAY.  I pull out a playset that I keep up high since it has little pieces.  This is our Playmobile set.  Sometimes it'll be a game they haven't played in awhile.

STATION 4:  MINUTE TO WIN IT GAMES.  There's hundreds of Minute to Win It Games on the internet.  These are great for all ages and easy to do.  The games we used were these Cup Games: Stack Attack and Movin' on Up

Baby Girl enjoyed the Cup Stacking.  She was told to make her best creation with all the cups in 1 minute.

 STATION 5:  MAKE MAGNET PLAYSETS.  I found this idea on Pinterest and HERE and I've been wanting to try it with them.  

 All you need is cute paper figures and an adhesive magnet sheet.  I found these ADORABLE Printables in a FREE Printable Preschool Packs.  Star Wars  and Peter Pan, Wizard of Oz, Princesses are all so cute
 Cut out the figures you want.

Stick them to the adhesive magnet, then cut out again.  Easy peasy.

Some other ideas for Stations
 (we have done many of these in the past)

BUBBLES (w/ lots of different wands)
MAKE YOUR OWN ROBOT (w/ leftover junk around the house)
FINGERPAINTING (washable of course)
BOOKS/STORIES (a nice quiet station)

The list is endless.  Seriously look up some ideas on Pinterest and you are SET!  

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Oh, and more Summer Solutions can be found {HERE}


  1. I love the magnets!!! That may be our next little project. Pinning!

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