Wednesday, August 14, 2013

YIKES! CUTE Kid's Clothes for ONLY 2.99!

This is an alert just in time for Back to School Shopping.  I found an awesome sale going on at RUUM for children's clothes!!!  Tons of stuff for $2.99.  If you need some kid's clothes, check it out.  Click the image below to get to their sale. 

Shop Ruum American Kid's Wear

Seriously.  Clothes for elementary school kids for ONLY $2.99.
Here's what I found (Click HERE to the RUUM Sale:

Bow Front Dress --Just $2.99.  Three colors available.
Various sizes left 6-14
Again, just $2.99

Uniform skirt.  In Navy too.  Just $2.99

But wait, there's more stuff for $2.99 that I found:

Sparkle Stripe Sweater.  Seriously just $2.99

Basic Clean Tee.  TONS of COLORS.  Only $2.99

Ruffles Top.  $2.99

Flare pant for $2.99
And some Boys Stuff too:

Humor Graphic Tee.  $2.99


Simple Skate grader Hoodie.  $2.99

I am affiliated with RUUM and they informed me of this awesome sale!!!  I'm helping them spread the word.  Hope you get some good deals.


  1. This is our new favorite store! Allie's white dress is from RUUM.

    1. Really? That dress is so cute! We just started shopping there.


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