Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Bad Hair Day Does NOT Equal a Bad Marriage

So I'm going to let you  in on a little conversation I had with My Man this week.  It's all about a bad hair day. Now I do this not because I want to show off our marriage nor because I want to dish out the dirt and display our faults for you all to see.  But I do this because I learned something--again.  I'm always learning something, and maybe it can help one of you too.  So don't judge me or him, just see what you can learn (or maybe be reminded you of what you already know).

I was having a bad hair day.  I've been trying to grow out my hair from a short a-line bob.  It's taking forever and some days my hair just doesn't work in this in-between stage.  I was fed up one morning as I was getting ready for the day.  My Man was nearby and heard my grumblings.  Here's our conversation:

Me:  Argh.  I'm sick of my hair.  I'm just gonna get it cut and forget about growing it out.

Him:  Why? Your hair looks great.  You don't need to cut it.  I like it.

Me:  What?  Why have I never heard you say you like my hair this way?

Him:  I'm saying it now.

Me:  You should say it to me EVERYDAY.  I would love it if you said my hair was beautiful EVERYDAY.

Well, the day went on and ended without more on the subject.  THEN the next morning, My Man had to get up early and go to the hospital.  He was getting ready quietly, so he wouldn't wake me as I laid in bed enjoying a few more minutes of sleep.

Just before My Man left, he came over to kiss me goodbye, and as he did he said, "Oh, and before I forget, YOUR HAIR LOOKS BEAUTIFUL."

There was a smirky-ness mixed with love in his eyes.  I laughed.  There I was with the messiest hair ever and puffy eyes and who knows what else.  Okay. Lesson learned. He made his point.  I realized right at the moment how petty I had been.  There he was getting up early, trying to be quiet, going out to earn a living, and showing me in his actions EVERYDAY that he loves me and thinks I'm worth it.  He didn't need to tell me my hair was beautiful everyday, because he shows me.  And it's not because of my hair.

I wish I had just thanked him for his compliment in the first place instead of nagging him about saying he should give me daily compliments.  But remember, a woman having a bad hair day cannot always be expected to talk nice.

And so I hope that I have learned to appreciate the little things he does for me and that he doesn't need to compliment me EVERYDAY . . . though, just in case My Man doesn't read this PLEASE don't tell him I said that.  ;)


Have a good hair day!


  1. Stumbled upon this randomly. I love it. Thank you!

    1. Well, thank you! I appreciate nice comments. Sometimes you never know if someone is reading what you put out there. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll come again.


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