Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Possibility of PEACE in Motherhood

A few things are weighing on my heart today.  We do that as mothers from time to time.  Life is never a simple ride and as a mom we have our hearts and minds in the worries and struggles of our children, our spouse, and ourselves.  And then we worry about our neighbors, our extended family, our friends, the person we heard about with cancer, the friend of a friend who lost a job, the people in Colorado in the flood, and the rising death toll from the Pakistan earthquake.  A mother's worries extend across the globe.  Our worries are near and our worries are far.  How do we find peace in motherhood and in life?

Sometimes worry is too much to bear.  I'm the queen of worry.  Sometimes I need PEACE.  Where do we find peace?  Is it possible to find peace amid so much turmoil and stress?

I truly believe PEACE IS A POSSIBILITY.  Peace can be found.  Peace can be a part of our daily lives.  But sometimes I forget.  And maybe you do too.  I forget that I have to help myself find peace.  

I forget that I can create peace.

Here's how to find peace in motherhood and in life:

* Give yourself permission to feel peace.  Sometimes I feel guilty when I am having a good, happy time while something bad is going on in the world or in someone else's life.  But dragging ourselves in sorrow all the time only brings ourselves and others down.  Instead, we should give ourselves permission to find joy and spread it around.

* Look for peace in the little things.  I believe the little things are actually the BIG things.  It's the little, everyday things that keep us going--a hug or smile, a story with a child, a date with a friend, a text to say "hello."  These are the little things that are most important in our lives.  Let them give you peace.

* Turn off the distractions and soak up the silence.  I love technology as much as the next person, but sometimes it can overwhelm us and cause more worry.  It can make us feel more stressed.  It's okay to turn it off or even delete a certain app from your phone for awhile.  Take more time to meditate and relax without distraction.

A sunset outside our home.  Photographing nature is a way for me to "capture" peace.

* Go outside enjoy nature.  My dad taught me early on to love the outdoors.  There is something about crisp, fresh air, a gentle breeze, and a blazing sunset that calms the soul.  I believe God created this earth for us, and seeing such beauty reminds me that there is more to my existence than the craziness of everyday stress. 

* Don't be afraid to be religious.  Whatever your religion is or what you believe, most of us have something in our lives that soothes our troubled hearts.  Let your religious side come out and help you find peace.  For me it's prayer and scripture study.  If I keep up on those things I find more daily peace.  (To learn more about my religion click HERE).

I hope this helps you (and me) find some PEACE today.  Leave a comment below on how you bring peace into your life.  I'd love to hear from you.

P.S.  I may just have a slight obsession with sunsets . . . but I think they are one of nature's most peaceful beauties.  Here's some of my photographs of them.  Have a PEACEFUL DAY!


Have a blissful day!


  1. I love this post!! I need to work harder at being peacful and tuning out the noises in my life. I'll be a mother for the first time soon and I want to be able to enjoy every minute.

    1. Yes! I am so excited for your upcoming baby. I'm sure you'll have many peacefull moments.

  2. Going for walks with good friends, listening to music from my childhood (or my kids childhood) and giving service bring me peace. :D

  3. OH! And date night! Date night brings me a lot of peace. :D

    1. Oh, date night is a must if there is going to be peace in our house. Thanks for commenting.

  4. I love this post, it is so true. It is hard to feel peaceful when so many things are going on and so many things are on my to-do list. I have found that just turning off my technology for a bit and letting myself get absorbed into a novel helps. Thanks for linking up to the Friday Follow Along. Make sure you stop by this week, we are featuring this post :)

    1. Oh thank you!!! Can't wait to check it out. Thanks for stopping by.


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