Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Let's Read About Me--Early Childhood Reading

I am a huge advocate of reading to children.  HUGE.  I believe it is the daily reading I've done with my children that truly helped them develop strong imaginations, the ability to learn quickly, and helped them like school.

I have been reading to my kidlets since they were itty-bitty.  And by itty-bitty, I mean infants.  I started with flipping through the pictures on board books.  I let them touch and handle the books and see all the colors.  As they grew, we went on the pointing at images and naming them.  When they were toddlers we read tons of short and simple books with lots of rhyme and rhythm.  We visited the library weekly.  I showed them the excitement of picking out new books.  I treated our stories like treasures.
Even now I make reading time special.  We cozy up to a good book before bedtime.  We read on slow mornings and during busy times after school.  We read scriptures as a family.  I read chapter books aloud during dinner when My Man is gone (more about that HERE).  I read using silly voices for different characters.  I laugh along with my kidlets.

Basically, I'm a Children's BOOK NERD.

I truly enjoy children's literature.   I love it so much that I volunteer twice a week at a local school and practice reading skills with children who are struggling.

I believe reading helps children THINK.  Unlike other forms of media, reading opens their minds.  They use visual skills, comprehension, imagination, and just pure thinking.  Start 'em young and you'll get them on a pathway to success.

So when I heard about Let's Read About Me, I thought it was BRILLIANT.  This website basically makes  personal storybooks about your child.  They make them as Easy Readers so that children who are learning to read or are pre-readers can be even more excited about books.

Learning to read is tough.  Even for my kids, who were taught early to love books, hated the treachery of practicing their reading in those early stages.  It feels tedious and they stumble on words.  So it is critical that children read about what they love at this stage.  What child doesn't love to read about themselves and their favorite things?  

That's why I love Let's Read About Me.  You can put in your own pictures and personalize it just for your beginning reader. It's a book just about them.  It also doubles as a memory book.  And it makes a great gift (with a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't like it).  It's BRILLIANT I tell you.

I got a couple of books to try for my nephew Bryce.  Here's what it looks like:

The hardcover Memory Book and the Just My Size paperback.

 I LOVE the Memory Book.  It has a beautiful glossy hardcover.  So sturdy.

Just My Size is a lot like a pamphlet/booklet.  Not very durable, but it's a cute size to carry around.

The one mistake I made in making my book was that I used a couple pictures that were too small and when they were blown up they looked pixelated.  USE PICTURES BIG ENOUGH TO LOOK GOOD BLOWN UP.

Overall though, I love the look and feel of the book.  The personalization is awesome.

So before you give up on a struggling reader, find something they would LOVE to read about or give Let's Read About Me a try.  And make reading a daily treasure for your family.  I promise, it's worth it.

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