Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Finding Peace in the Great Outdoors--Capitol Reef National Park

I truly believe one of the best ways of finding peace in this crazy world is by losing yourself in the great outdoors.  Something about the solitude and relaxed beauty of the natural world can bring perspective in our busy lives. Over fall break, we took the kidlets and drove to Southern Utah and visited Capitol Reef National Park.  We found a lot of peace and a lot of beauty waiting for us there.

Here are some photographs that I took along our journey.  I was snapping pictures left and right (to the great annoyance of my family), but I couldn't help it.  Perfectly gorgeous.

We stayed in these awesome Deluxe Cabins at Thousand Lakes RV Park near Torrey, Utah.  We loved the cabins!  They had beds, a microwave, bathrooms with a toilet and shower (yay!), cable TV, heat/AC, and a mini fridge.  Just enough to stay comfortably, but we didn't have to worry about bringing the tent.  Great rates (less than $100), great service, great experience all together. Highly recommended!!

 The Autumn colors were spectacular. . .

Can you see the deer?  The park is full of deer.

These pictures are copyrighted and belong to Pebbles and Piggytails.  I love sharing beautiful pictures. Please do not copy them without giving proper credit and keeping my watermark on them.  I'm happy to give permission to you to use them, if you contact me by email at  

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