Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thanksgiving and Christmas Pie Server Gift Idea + Printables

I'm sooooo excited.  Today I am sharing my very first printable.  And they are FREE Thanksgiving and Christmas PRINTABLES. Yup, I must be a true blogger now that I have a printable to share.

Actually, I really just had an idea for a little gift to give my neighbors, friends, and teachers so I made myself a little printable note to attach to it.  And then I really got into it . . .

And then I decided to share it with you.

Here's what I did:

 I took a simple pie server (I got mine at Target) and turned it into a little gift.  You could also give a homemade pie, or a pie plate or some other serving utensil or pie-related item.

 For Thanksgiving or Fall:  YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY PIE

For Christmas or the Winter Holidays:  THOUGHTS ABOUT "SERVING" EACH OTHER.

We are giving these to our school teachers this year and maybe some friends and neighbors . . . so don't be surprised if you receive one.

Here's the FREE Printables that are available and the link: PIE PRINTABLE for THANKSGIVING and CHRISTMAS

Or click here for the printables:

Have a good day!!!


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