Monday, December 16, 2013

Bob Books Photobook Review

Don't you just love photobooks?  I love love love having my photography and family photos all nice and printed in a beautifully bound book.  It sure beats scrapbooks and those sticky photo albums of the past.  I had the wonderful opportunity to do a product review for Bob Books in the UK.  I jumped at the chance to try out their photo book.  I'm always looking for a good one.

I was given the chance to try a hardback book.  It's full of 74 pages of my favorite pictures.  I've always wanted my very favorite photos from all the years past put into one book.  I was tired of having my very best pictures all spread out in various files on my computer.

So here's my awesome book from Bob Books:

I chose a smaller book (19 x 15 cm), but as you can see it's pretty thick.

It came nicely packaged and arrived safely without any damage.

 The binding is nice as strong.

 My favorite part is the THICK pages.  These are the photographic pages.  Definitely worth getting.  You pay a little extra, but it's worth it.  So thick--like strong cardstock.  My kidlets will be able to thumb through the pictures without ripping them.

 My photography turned out gorgeous.  I love the full page option.  
There are several page layouts you can choose from when you create your book.  In order to make your book, you download their software and so it saves right to your own computer. 

 My black and white photos turned out just as nice as the color.  These are even older photos.

The colors are vibrant and clear.  I love it!

 You have the option to add text too. 

I love the way my sunset photographs turned out.  

Overall, I think Bob Books in the UK is a great option for publishing your own photo book.  They provide an option to share it as well as sell it too.  Not overpriced.  I found my book to be comparable with other similiar companies.  Definitely a good product. 

Have a wonderful day!

This post contains affiliate links.  I was not monetarily compensated for this review, but I was able to make my own complimentary photo book in order to try out the product.  The opinions are completely my own.  

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