Friday, December 20, 2013

Fighting the Christmas Blues

Sometimes The Christmas Blues try to settle inside me.  Has that ever happened to you?  I think at one time or another the Christmas Blues happen to all of us.   I'm not sure why, because we have every reason to be happy during the holidays--right?.  Christmas is by far my favorite time of year because joy is bursting around every corner.  So I've been thinking about the emotions that come with Christmas this week, and here's why I think the holidays blues sometimes come along . . . and also 5 ways to fight The Christmas Blues.

So here's what I realized--just because it's Christmas it doesn't mean all of our problems go away.  We wish they would, but they don't.  When life's problems happen during the other months of the year, it just seems normal.  But when Christmas comes along we wish to feel peace and joy--not the frustrations and stresses of life.  Plus, the holidays bring a lot of extra events and planning, and craziness into our schedules.  We wish our problems would end perfectly like all the warm and fuzzy Christmas movies we watch each year.  So it seems extra hard in December when bills are still due, loved ones are still gone, and stuff is still broken.

I'm not trying to be a Grinch.  Remember, I love love love Christmas time.  But the reality of it is that Christmas adds a whole bunch of emotions to our lives (happy, sad, guilt, longing, surprise) and so it can be hard to balance it all out.  So here's some of my ideas for coping with Christmas Blues--just in case they happen to hit you too someday . . . .

1) LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE.  Step back and think about what really matters.  Look at your life as a whole--when it's all said and done what will you or your kids remember about Christmas?  Does the tree have to be just right?  Do you have to give the perfect gift?  Most likely we are going to remember the feeling we had as we spend time together.  Not the gifts.  Not the tree.  Not the clean or the messy house.  Not the outfits worn, not the movies watched, and probably not even the words that were said.  Cut out the things that don't matter and add in the things that do.  Click {HERE} for an awesome reminder.

2) RELAX.  Take that nap.  Take that deep breath.  Take that day off.  Listen to some music that makes you happy.  Drink some hot cocoa.  Pray and meditate. Chat with some friends.  Do something you LOVE to do--even if it's just for an hour.

3)  HELP SOMEONE ELSE.  I know it sound so cliche' at Christmas time, but it really is so true.  When we see someone else with a problem it's easier to realize we are not alone.  It also can remind us that we'd rather have our own problems than someone else's.  Talk with a friend who is having a hard time.  Pay the parking fee for the person behind you.  Shovel the snow for someone just because.  It seems when we do these things then we forget about our own struggles for the moment.  Click {HERE} for a sweet true story. And {HERE}.

4)  PLAY WITH YOUR KIDS.  If you wanna be happy at Christmas, then play with your kids.  Yes, they will drive you crazy when they are bouncing off the walls with Christmas excitement, but some of that joy is bound to rub off.  I woke up tired and grumpy one morning only to find my kidlets playing a Christmas trivia game.  I joined in the game and soon found myself laughing with them.   I swear it works. Click {HERE} for some motivation.

5) Oh, and one last thing--REMEMBER YOU ARE LOVED.  Christmas is all about LOVE.  It's about a Savior born as a baby.  It's about how God loved us so much that He sent His precious Son to show us the way.  God's love is forever.  It doesn't matter who you are or what your life is like.  He loves us.  Every single day.  Every single moment.  If you take a few minutes to ponder that idea, then I'm pretty sure those Christmas Blues will disappear for awhile.

Click {HERE} to learn how much you are loved and may you have a happy Christmas.



  1. I completely agree with helping someone else. When we help others, it makes us feel better inside. Thanks for this post!

  2. Yes, that is the most important part- helping others! We recently gave out 300 gift bags to inmates in our local jail. We have been doing this for 5 years now. Some inmates don't get visited anymore :^( and are longing for visitors! A blessed Advent season to you from all the way here in the Philippines! patsy

    1. Oh wow. What an amazing idea! We so often forget about them. Thank you for your comment and for sharing goodwill. Merry Christmas!


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