Friday, January 3, 2014

An Expert Mother?

I keep reading in all the blogger info I soak up out there that if you are going to start a blog, your focus should be on something you are an expert at.  An expert?  Hmmm.  I've had to think about that one because this blog is basically about mommy stuff, parenting, and family-life in general . . . and I'm not feeling so expert about any of that.  Does anyone?  It's different than a health blog, or a product blog--because there really are experts for that.  But is there really such a thing as An Expert Mother?

I've done my fair share of diaper-changing, but I am learning like every other mom out there.  So if I'm not an expert mother, why am I running this blog on motherhood?  Why are there so many mommy bloggers out there?  I believe it's because each mother is an expert on LOVING her own children.  And if I share what I learn, and someone else shares their experience then we have an amazing library of mothering ideas and expertise right at our fingertips.  We learn from each other.  We can find what works and is right for our own little family.

So I am sorry that this blog does not have an expert behind it.  Sometimes, I barely know how to mother my own kidlets.  But I hope you will comment about what you have experienced as I share what I have learned on this blog.   In the end, maybe we will find some peace in motherhood and in life.

Have a meaningful day.


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