Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Inspiration 2014

Wahoo!  It's Valentine's Day!  We are super excited because my kidlets do NOT have to go to school today.  We get to sleep in and enjoy the day together.  I have a few things planned for Valentine's Day.  I thought I'd share my LOVE ideas with you, in case you need a little last-minute Valentine Inspiration.

Last year for breakfast, I did a quick Cereal Surprise for my kidlets.  THIS IS SO EASY!!

All you do is add a drop of food coloring to their cereal bowl before you pour in the cereal.  Make sure you do this without them seeing!  Then serve them their cereal and pour the milk in front of them and then they'll see the color of their milk change right before their eyes!!

Another EASY idea is HEART TOAST.  Use a cookie cutter.  Spread with jam.  Done.

For Valentine's Day dinner we have a tradition to do a MYSTERY DINNER.  It is a blast.  It's a mix-up dinner with a link to free printables.  It's so simple.  You can read about it {HERE}.  

BUT this year My Man wanted to switch it up a bit.  We've done that same dinner for 4 years now and our kidlets are starting to catch on, even if we change the menu.  Soooo, My Man wanted to do a BLINDFOLD Dinner with them.  We are so excited to try this.  

For our BLINDFOLD Mystery Dinner we are going to serve them homemade hamburgers, chips, fruit, and an Raspberry ice cream float (ice cream, raspberry soda, whip cream and cherry on top!).  We will let them assemble their own hamburger and put what they want on it, BUT they have to do everything with a blindfold on.  They'll even eat with the blindfold.  Our kids are getting old enough that this should work okay, and we love doing crazy stuff.  I wouldn't recommend it for preschoolers or toddlers.

I prep for this dinner every year by getting stuff on clearance after the holiday is over the year before.  These are last year's goods, but they'll still work great this year!

Each kidlet will find a surprise goodie bag on Valentine's day morning.  Inside each bag is just fun stuff (all from Dollar Tree) AND their Mystery Dinner Invitation.

 I did NOT go crazy on the invites.  This is just scrapbook paper and markers.  Keep it simple people! Or you will not have fun doing this.  Do you like my clue . . . "they say love is BLIND"?

Folded and tucked inside their bag.  They'll be bugging me all day to try and figure out what we are doing for the dinner tonight.  Let the FUN begin!

P.S. Look what I found from Baby Girl.  Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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  1. I love the food coloring at the bottom of the cereal bowl idea!!


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