Monday, March 3, 2014

The Cutest Aprons Ever (Flirty Aprons Giveaway)

Wahoo! It's March.  And this month I am celebrating life and making it meaningful.  To kick it off I am giving my lovely readers a chance to receive one of the cutest aprons ever!  It's a Mint-a-Liscious Apron from Flirty Aprons.  Plus, there's a 20% Discount all through March if you click the icon below and use code PEBBLES20.

Click this icon and use CODE: PEBBLES20 at checkout for 20% discount in March.

Flirty Aprons has a whole bunch of cute and stylish Women's Aprons.  They fun and flattering.  Not frumpy.  I'm serious, some of these aprons look better than the clothes I would wear under them.

Flirty Aprons was so kind to send me one of their popular aprons to give to y'all.  Just sharing the fun.  

Let's compare:   (Left: my current apron)   (Right: the cute Mint-a-Liscious Apron).  Um, it's not even a contest as to which apron looks better hanging on the door in my kitchen, let alone on me.

They also have other things like:
(this one below will be given away as the 2nd prize)

(full coverage bibs!)

(kids, tweens, girls, boys)

I do think these make fun gifts for weddings, Mother's Day, birthday, etc.  Life is meant to be fun!
So who wants to win one?  Enter now:

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  1. Say what you want, I think the one on the left is just as cute!

    1. Jessica, I so knew you would say that! I thought of you as I took a picture of it!

  2. Oh, i have wanted one of these cute aprons for a long time. I'm not really an apron kinda girl but always make a mess of my clothes when I cook so I really need to start wearing one!

    1. They are so cute, aren't they. I hope it you win it!

  3. I love your blog. Your stories are really inspiring. I am also loving all the recipes. We loved the cinnamon rolls!


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