Monday, April 21, 2014

Stranger-danger is now "People-You-Kinda-Know" Danger

So times have really changed.  Remember when all we had to say to our kids was "Never talk to strangers"? Well, we realized that wasn't completely the worst problem.  Nowadays we know that sometimes the people we actually know can be dangerous for our children.

This is why I must tell you about this DVD called The Safe Side - Stranger Safety: Hot Tips To Keep Cool Kids Safe With People They Don't Know And Kinda Know.  Yes, you read that right.  This teaches kids how to be safe with people they kinda know as well as people they don't know.


I found this video a few years ago at the library and I have loved it ever since.  We own this one and their 2nd video on Internet Safety. With the zany host, Safe-Side Super Chick, it's quirky and funny so kids don't get to scared.  BUT it talks about serious stuff and shows them how to react in different dangerous situations.  Situations like: answering the door at home, someone you know wanting to give you a ride, someone trying to get to close to you, etc.  It helps families establish 3 people they trust as "safe-side adults" so kids can know who to go to when their parents aren't around.  Again, this is the BEST VIDEO EVER for Safety!

This video is made by John Walsh (of America's Most Wanted) and Julie Clark (of Einstein Baby and Little Einsteins videos).  It will not disappoint.  Let's teach our kidlets how to be safe.  Great for schools or home.  I found it on Amazon for only $9.99  -- so it's super reasonable.

Have a good day and BE SAFE.

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  1. This looks great! I grew up listening to The Safety Kids cassette tapes. I still love & remember all the songs, but with times changing I'm sure a video would hold my kidlets' attention more...

    1. Yes! I remember The Safety Kids! This movie is just as helpful and it addresses a few new issues. It's funny too. My kids giggle thru it all.


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