Monday, July 28, 2014

On Being Grateful for Gray Hairs

Well, I know it's been awhile since I've actually posted what I have been thinking.  Summer and moving just kinda took over and I feel like I haven't had much time to process my own thoughts, let alone write them down and make sense of them and see what I've learned lately.

But I have been thinking about having a better attitude.  I feel like the stress that My Man and I have encountered this past year has been MIGHTY.  For 6 months we worried immensely about the future.  Then for 3 more months we had to deal with the changes and decisions we made for that future.  It is the stress of not knowing.  We had a lot of things change at once.  We had a lot of decisions to make all at once.  New job.  New home.  New city.  New friends.  New church people (but same church).  New callings (ways we help at church).  New schools.  New needs.  New areas to discover.

 Anyway, I guess stress takes it's toll.  I found that I have gray hair now.  Not just one.  Many.  They sneaked up on me while I was living my crazy life!  They are the souvenirs of my stress.  But as I unwind from the aftermath of the last 9 months, I realize that this is NOT the hardest thing I've been through (though it can be hard to see that in the middle of it all).  I also realize that other's I know are experiencing so much more stress and hardship right now than me.

So I am grateful.  Grateful to be done with my recent stress.  Grateful that it's not worse (for now).  I'm gonna take a step back (AGAIN) and look for the positive.  I'm gonna be grateful for my gray hairs.  They are a sign that I am living my life, instead of being shut up in some pampered dream where reality doesn't exist.

I'm gonna notice the sunset.  I'm gonna appreciate the smile the store clerk gives me.  I'm gonna laugh with my family.  I'm gonna take that nap that I need.  I'm gonna find joy in gray hairs.

At least for today.

I'm gonna try.

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  1. Um word to the wise ...don't pluck them! I swear two more grow in its place. Y'all have been through so much in the past several years with major life decisions so I'm glad you are embracing it though: however at 27, I refuse to!

  2. Nicely written! I'm learning to accept my many gray hairs gratefully too :)


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