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Simple FROZEN Birthday Party Ideas

Before we moved in May, we threw a birthday party for Baby Girl with a FROZEN theme.  My girls' loved the Disney movie, and she really wanted it to be all about Anna and Elsa.  Now, don't freak out and think I carved ice sculptures and created my own snow for this party.  I kept it sooo SIMPLE. I've seen so many ideas online for Frozen birthday parties.  Some are so perfectly beautiful that I can't imagine inviting a bunch of kids to the party.  I didn't do that. We had 12 girls at the party.  These are simple, fairly realistic ideas.  I hope they help someone out there trying to come up with Simple Frozen Birthday Party Ideas.


Invites were a free printable from Homeketeers.  They were great.  Easy to download and use.

Here's the link:

Free Printable Frozen Party Invites from Homeketeers.


I used easy things from Dollar Tree and even some of our winter and valentine decor.  We kept the color scheme of purple, teal/aqua, and silver.  I looked for anything sparkly and pretty.  Anything with snowflakes, snowmen, hearts, etc.  Much of this I already had around the house.  I also used a simple, plastic tablecloth and paper plates and cups from Dollar Tree.

Found a bag of these gems at Dollar Tree too.  I used them as decor in a fancy bowl as a centerpiece.  

Birthday Cupcakes

 This what I used for the cupcakes.  I splurged and bought the cute polka-dot liners.  And yes, I used a cake mix (gasp).  I did make the frosting myself.  Just a simple butter cream .

The cupcake toppers are from the same printable pack that I got the invitations--from Homeketeers.  Just cut and glue to toothpicks.  Sweet Teen helped me with this.


Easy Sugar Popcorn.  This simple treat is super cheap to make for a large crowd and you can customize it to match the colors of your occasion.  Perfect for a birthday party. {RECIPE HERE}.

We also had pizza (Papa Murphy's) and fruit.

For drinks we made Kool-Aid (Blue Raspberry).  We called it melted icicles.

Party Favors

Crown Headbands:  We gave each girl a nice headband crown.  We found these for a dollar at Jo Anns.  But I also found some on Amazon for a similar price:

Sequin Princess Tiara Headbands (1 dz)

We chose colors to go with our theme.  The girls loved them.

Goodie Bags:   We also handed out treat bags when they went home.  I tried to find candies in the colors of our theme (it was after Easter so there was a lot of teal and lavendar going around as we were planning).  We also made little bracelets, from beads we already had, and put one in each bag.  We also added princess stickers.


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(plus free printables)

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  1. Very nice and very perfect idea...if only I have a girl child these would be perfect. - Jennifer of

  2. Great party! I bet your daughter loved it! The snowball toss game is a super cute idea!

  3. The party looks fab, we are attempting ours in a weeks time, and only just decided to do it... eeek!!

    1. I hope it goes well!!! Sometimes the more simple they are the better! Let me know how it turned out. Good luck!

  4. Freeze Dance = BRILLIANT!! I'm throwing a Frozen party for my 4 year old daughter, and I've been wracking my brain for games that are fun, not overly structured, and don't require a small loan to put on for 20 pre-schoolers. Thanks for the great ideas! My experience with previous parties is that simple is usually the best bet with the little ones. Hope ours is as fun as yours looks!

    1. Oh I'm sure your party will be wonderful! Sometimes simple is the best. I've found the kids just want to talk and be together sometimes. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Building playdough snowmen was the hit of our Frozen party this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Building saltdough snowmen was the highlight of our Frozen party this weekend! The other highlight (for any readers looking to plan a party) was balloon bop. I glued Olaf faces on paper plates and then glued those to paint sticks to make paddles. I threw a bunch of frozen balloons at the kids and tey all had a ball!

    1. Yay! I'm glad they liked the salt dough snowmen! You're idea is awesome too. Simple, practical, and fun! Thanks for sharing your idea!

  7. Finally I found normal, cheap ideas for a Frozen party! Most sites with party ideas I see are over the top. Thanks! Also usefull for a dutch mom with an almost five year old girl.

    1. Yay! I'm glad you found it! Thanks for stopping by. I hope your party is simple and fun!


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