Monday, August 25, 2014

Green Chili Tacos w/ Fresh Cabbage Pico

Guest Post by Amy (Lisa's sister-in-law and crazy-good cook!)

These Green Chili Chicken Tacos with Cabbage Pico received an enthusiastic #5 VOTE from the whole crew at my house.  So I have to share it.  You can make it with leftover pot roast as well and it is FAB!  But, today we are making the tacos with chicken.  Trust me….these rock!  

So…when I try a new recipe for dinner, my family gets to vote on the recipe!  We use a 5 star rating system.  #1= please don’t EVER make it again…..#2= just a step above #1……#3= not bad…....#4=Mom made something I LIKE!!!!.....#5=We love this!  This works well for all parties involved.  It gives the crew a chance to voice a food opinion and I can’t get irritated because I have no particular expectations myself.  Even after all the work of making dinner….if it’s a flop…no biggie!  HOWEVER…I have given myself FULL veto power!  If I love something….frankly….I will make it again…..just a side note before you think that I’m some kind of benevolent soul or something!  There are so many great perks to being the mom.

If we are having something we’ve eaten in the past and a certain someone doesn’t like it….well…..then I employ the sign which hangs prominently in my kitchen reading, “DINNER CHOICES:  1. Take it.  2.  Leave it!”  I don’t allow voting on a regular basis…my kitchen is not a democracy….but sometimes I listen to the voice of the people. 

 There is nothing better than tossing dinner in the crock pot early in the morning….taking off for a crazy-busy day….and returning home to the aroma of delicious food cooking.  These take so little effort.  I love it!  4 ingredients my friends!  Chicken, Montreal Steak Seasoning, green chilies.  That’s it!  Dinner is in the crock pot in 5 minutes.

Blend the green chilies until smooth. 

Place 4 frozen chicken breasts in a crock pot.  (You can use fresh of course, cooking time will be decreased by a few hours….but I always have frozen chicken, and this recipe is so handy…I just toss in my frozen chicken and I’m out the door).  Pour the green chili mixture over the chicken and sprinkle with Montreal Steak Seasoning.  Cook in crock pot on high for approx. 6 hours.  You know your crock pot…the time may be different for you, but 6 hours is just right at our house!

After 6 hours the chicken is cooked to tender perfection!  I know it seems like there is a lot of chili sauce….but wait….this is a very good thing….

Shed chicken with two forks.  The meat is so tender this will take less than 5 minutes.  The green chili sauce will be just enough to moisturize every inch of your chicken.....perfect!

Don’t you want to grab your fork and dig in?!  The flavor of this chicken is unbelievable!  Go ahead… try to take only one bite!  You can’t do it.  You will be instantly addicted. 

This chicken is incredible in burritos and tostadas.  Today we are making tacos with fresh cabbage pico (soft, warm corn tortillas, green chili chicken, cabbage pico).. 

Note: Our favorite way to make taco shells is on our pancake griddle.  We lightly oil the griddle and crank up the temp to 400 degrees.  With the griddle piping hot, we warm 6 shells at a time.  We heat them just until hot, but still soft, and then flip them to heat the opposite side.  Don’t get me wrong, we like crunchy shells from time-to-time.  But soft, warm corn tortillas are hands-down the FAV!  

Green Chili Chicken Tacos

2 – 7 oz cans green chilies, blended in blender
4 chicken breasts, frozen or fresh
1 ½ TB Montreal Steak Seasoning

*Blend green chilies in the blender until smooth.  Place chicken breasts in crock pot.  Pour green chili sauce over chicken.  Sprinkle with Montreal Steak Seasoning.  Cook several hours on high. (Frozen chicken cooks for approximately 6 hours, fresh cooks for 4 hours….but all crock pots are different…you know yours best)

*When chicken is tender, shred with two forks to incorporate all the green chili sauce.  There will be just enough sauce to season all the succulent chicken!  Delish.  Serve in warm corn tortillas with your favorite toppings….cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, sour cream….make a burrito….or top with cabbage pico!  

Here's the recipe for FRESH CABBAGE PICO

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