Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Making Back to School Easy for Mom & Kids

My kidlets finally are back in school.  You know how I am normally super sentimental about things like that? And how I hate my kids to grow up?  And how I hate saying goodbye?  Well, not today.  For some reason this year, I feel just fine about my kidlets in school.  We had a long summer and I'm one happy mama today.  Maybe, I'm finally getting used to it. Maybe it will hit later . . . ? So today I have some fun back to school ideas AND a super funny video of a kid's classic end of summer blues.

First of all, the YouTube video we can all relate to.  Time for a little laugh.  This is a Classic Kids End of Summer Blues reaction.

Click {HERE} or the link above. This is actually my nephew when he finds out that summer is over and he has to go back to school.  Oh the pain!  It's so hard to leave the summer fun behind.

Peanut Butter Brownies!  How about surprising your kids with a tasty after school snack?  This one is easy and you can see how I added some conversation starters to get them talking about their day.  {READ MORE HERE}.  This is what I did last year.  But this year, I've got some chocolate brownie ice cream in the fridge.  I think we'll have that today to celebrate school--can you tell I LOVE brownies?

No more tears. Here's a simple way to help your child say goodbye.  I did this a few years ago when Baby Girl had a hard time going to Kindergarten.  {READ MORE HERE}

And finally, if you are struggling with your kids growing up, take some advice from this sentimental mama:

I call it The Neverland Syndrome.  So hard to let kids grow up sometimes . . . {READ this article HERE}


Here's 3 easy ways to enjoy your children and make the most of your time with them.  No more busy mom-guilt!  {READ IT HERE}

Whatever is happening in your life today, make it a meaningful day!

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