Wednesday, September 24, 2014

DIY Sing-O-Meter

Remember how I mentioned I was the new music teacher for all the children at our church?  Well, I've decided to share with you another one of my creations to motivate the kids to sing.  It's a DIY Sing-O-Meter.  This is so easy to make.  And it basically takes crayons and glue and poster board. You can use it for LDS Primary or any class to help kids sing.  It also would work for other activities--Job-O-Meter, Smile-O-Meter, Practice-Meter, etc.

Here's my Sing-O-Meter.  Don't laugh and my late-night coloring job.

 I happened to find these fun countdown spinners in the teacher section at Dollar Tree.  But you could easily make this with 2 pieces of poster paper cut into circles.

It's just simply 2 circle pieces held together with a fastener (like brads).

One piece is about a 1/4 inch smaller and has a little rectangle on the end so you can turn it.

I simply turned mine over and used the back side.  I divided it into thirds, but you could do more if you want more singing levels.  I got the faces from a FREE PRINTABLE from D'Net's Primary Music Page {HERE}.  

Then I used some stencils for the lettering (yes, you could use your Cricut here--I just don't have one).  And then just color it how you want.  I reinforced the rectangle indicator with duct tape too. 

So as the children sing, simply rotate the black indicator where you think it needs to be for that song.  You could go back and forth or waiver between OK and The BEST.  It's a lot of fun and helps the kids try a little bit harder.

Also, check out my other teaching creation.  The Punch Out Game!
Perfect for parties, classrooms, carnivals, etc.

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