Thursday, September 18, 2014

There is beauty all around . . .

Part of making our lives meaningful is learning to find joy during the hard times.  It's seeing the good in hard situations or even in the people we don't like.  Every person on earth experiences hard times at some point. But being positive takes practice.  Yes, we gotta practice being positive.  If we try--I'm mean really, really try--we can find the good.  We can rejoice in all beautiful things wherever we are in life.  There is beauty all around . . . even in the weeds.

I love how my daughter found the tiniest yellow flower in this weedy field.  She looked beyond the weeds to find something beautiful--even if it was just a small flower.

I'll be working on this today.  I know it sounds a little like Pollyanna . . . but it's still worth striving for.  What are working on to make your life meaningful?

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  1. A simple but profound truth that we should all remember!

    1. Yes, we really can find the good in most things if we try. Thanks for stopping by!


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