Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Easy Halloween Party Decorations for Kids

So now that you have checked out our simple Halloween Minute-to-Win-It Games and the fun Halloween printable invitations and party bag tags, I'll bet you are ready for MORE HALLOWEEN FUN.  It's actually hard for me to get into Halloween sometimes.  I want to be lazy about it.  For real.  But I've decided that easy is the way to go for me and this holiday.  So here's an easy was to decorate for a Halloween kids party when you are on a budget and limited for time.

Simple decorating makes it feel like there is definitely a party going on, but it doesn't take a lot of time or money to do.  Dollar Tree and Amazon are my friends when it comes to throwing together a Halloween party for kids.

Like I said, I used Dollar Tree for a lot of the decor and games.  Here's what we decorated with.

Dollar Tree or Amazon for the eyeballs and candy containers.    AND yes, those are cheeseballs.  Before you scorn me for the junk food on this table, I must tell you that we never ever get cheeseballs and that is why Little Son wanted them so much for his party (a special treat!)

We put the eyeballs all over the table and filled the containers with just fun foods.  

For water bottles I peeled off the label and just put a sticker instead of finding a printable label like everyone is doing these days (though in my opinion you really can just leave the regular label on, but I wanted you to see this idea).

For games, we played a whole bunch of Halloween Minute-to-Win-It Games and these are the prizes for the winners.

I put little party trinkets and treats in brown lunch bags and made some FREE Printable Party Tags.

Oh, and check out the GHOST BOOGERS we made.  Easy Peasy.

For a list of easy Halloween Minute to Win It Games and our Halloween Party Printables click to the PREVIOUS PAGE and check it out!

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