Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How To Make a Peek-a-boo Puppet

A few days ago I made this little Peek-a-boo Puppet to help teach the children at church.  This could be used at school or home as well.  It was super easy to make in one afternoon.  And this puppet is double-sided.  A peekaboo puppet hides in the container and moves up and down as needed.  The puppet is shy and won't come out when the children are noisy or misbehaving or not singing (if used for music practice).  As the children start to listen and do what you want them to, then you slowly move the puppet up and eventually all the way out.  This works very well for children ages 2-8 yrs old.  

These are the main materials you need: an empty container you want to reuse, scrapbook paper or wrapping paper, a dowel or wooden stick,  print outs (or drawings) of the character you want to use.  Make sure the character basically fits the container.  Trim as needed.  I used a plastic cotton candy container, but an oatmeal or Pringles can would work well.

The characters I used were from Susan Fitch Designs (I love her cute characters and free printables!) 

 The exact kids I used can be found {HERE}

Cover the container with paper.  Poke a tiny hole in the bottom.  Tape the dowel (or I used a kabob stick) to the back of your character and attach the other character to the other side.  Push the stick through the hole.

So my puppet can be either character.  I named them Suzy Sunbeam and Peter Primary. 

Have fun with this!  It has so many uses.

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Have a most meaningful and happy day.

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