Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Indoor Snowball Fight Ideas

I love snow.  Well, I love snow until about February, because after that it's just dirty and hard and cold.  But the fresh snow of December is heaven.  Remember my summer snowball game from our simple Frozen Birthday Party?  Well, I realized it makes a great indoor snowball game as well.  Perfect for holiday games or Christmas decorations as well as just a fun winter blues buster!  So I was feeling crafty and decided to make some FREE Snowball Fight Printables and show you what I did for my Indoor Snowball Fight Kit (plus some other ideas if you don't have time to make it).

And yes, in case you are wondering I have actually had an indoor snowball fight with my kidlets and these fun little puff balls.  It happened randomly one day after school.  We were running all around throwing these snowballs.  We were giggling all over the place and not a single decoration or child (or mama) was hurt in the process.  I highly recommend a good, random snowball fight every so often.

FREE printable Indoor Snowball Fight Tags.  Click the link for more designs.

I used these simple white pom poms from Amazon.

You can also possibly find them at your local craft store.  I think you could even use white rolled-up socks.  Be creative.  And have fun with it.

Reuse a fun container around the house and you're done!

I saw these Indoor Snowball sets on Amazon.  They look pretty fun too!


Oh, and I thought you may want to print one of these super cute snowball signs.  You're Never Too OLD for a SNOWBALL FIGHT!

Click {HERE} for the Printable Signs in many colors and have a meaningful day!

Also, you may want to see the Winter Party we had last year in January to get rid of the winter blues after the holidays!  Easy ideas with stuff you already have at home! 

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  1. Cute idea! Snow can be nice ( but only when you get an official snow day out of it...haha). We've been lucky that it has been pretty mild where I live lately. Hopefully we wont see snow till December!

  2. this is a timely post for us as we had a massive snowstorm earlier this week and it's been below zero out for three days! We don't last long outside, so an indoor snowball fight just might do the trick. I love this! Thanks for a fun idea!

    1. Yeah, and sometimes it's hard for little kids to make a lot of snowballs.

  3. This is so nice, I always liked snowball fight. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog and it is nice of you to featuring me on Saturday for Saturday Dishes. Could you please give me the direct link? I will share on social media. Thanks in advance.

  4. Love your printables! I think my son (or any kid!) would be super excited to see a basket of "snowballs" and that note sitting out in the morning :)

    1. Yes! I had mine out after school and they loved releasing some energy with a little snowball fight!


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