Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pin The Feathers on the Turkey Game

Sharing a little game I made for our music time at church.  I'm the LDS chorister for the Primary children and so I came up with this easy Pin The Feather on The Turkey Game.  We'll be talking about gratitude and singing songs about being thankful and Thanksgiving. 

I actually got this turkey and his feathers in a little kit from Dollar Tree.  But you could easily find a picture of a turkey or free-hand a drawing of one.  I just put it on a simple posterboard (one that I laminated and reuse for different teaching aids).

I put contact paper on the feathers to make them more sturdy.  I'll have 5 different kids come up at different times during my lesson and tell me something they are thankful for.  Then they can pick one of the feathers.  I'll blindfold them and let them pin the feather on (just like Pin The Tail on the Donkey).  

On the back of each feather is the next song we are going to sing or an option to have the child pick their favorite song.  I am having our Primary kids sing a lot of the gratitude and thankful songs that we often don't get to during the year.  You could put anything on the back--actions, ways to sing, game stuff, clues, questions, etc.

Hope this helps you have a fun Thanksgiving game for your kids!
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