Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Kindness Elves

I swore I would never ever do any kind of Elf on the Shelf thing.  I thought it was ridiculous that we had to add another "store-created" Christmas tradition just because it was trendy.  My Baby Girl began to wonder why she was the only kid who wasn't visited by a skinny elf during the holidays.  I told her it's because she was already trying to be a good girl (she really does try hard), and I didn't like how the elf came to check on you and remind you to be good, and then did naughty things himself.  BUT this year I found on The Imagination Tree that there is an alternative.  They are Kindness Elves and I decided to try it.

Kindness Elves are an alternative to the regular Elf on the Shelf.  They encourage kind acts of service and love.  The bring in the Christmas spirit.  In many ways they are like the Elf on the Shelf.  They still sneak around your house while you sleep and each morning you find them in a different place.  They also suggest a way for our family to be kind or help someone that day.

This is our letter from the Kindness Elves.  The letter reminds my kids that Santa knows they are trying their best to be good. 

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Update!  This year our kindness elf came with these cute cards attached to her!  You can print them for free below!

Here's our Kindness Elf named Jingle having a tea party with some new friends in Baby Girl's room.

She encouraged us to play with someone new, or include a new person in our circle of friends.  If you like these tags, you can find them {HERE} at Passionate Penny Pincher.

Another day, our Kindness Elves were found coloring pictures.  They wanted us to write a letters to a sick little girl, so we did.

 Email me if you would like to know more about where we found our elves in the first place.  I have seen similar elves {HERE}

First we had Jingle, the bigger elf, and then her little brother and sister (JoJo and Lolly) joined us so we could teach them about helping others.

Aren't they cute?

Overall, it's been a fun experience.  I found I need to remind my kidlets sometimes to try the kindness challenge, and it helps if I check back with them at dinner time.  Baby Girl has loved the elves so much!  She is excited to find them every morning and she has been found doing simple, nice things for others.  Little Son is 11 yrs old now and I didn't think he would get into it much.  Be he has enjoyed finding them and trying the kindness challenge most days.  And Sweet Teen?  She loves the magic it brings and helps her feel like a kid again.  

Hope this helps you if you've been wondering about Kindness Elves.

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  1. Hey Lisa, I just found your post and am hoping you can share where you were able to find your elves. I am searching for something "more" than the elf on the shelf who I find disturbing at times and sending the wrong message! Thanks a whole lot. Barb

    1. Hi Barb! I got my bigger elf at Target. It's actually an ornament in their Christmas section (from 2014). I have seen them this year (2015) as well. The smaller ones I bought from the blogger at Imagination Tree. She sold them last year. Her link is there in my post. Good luck! Let me know if you need more info!

  2. Hi Lisa. I have the same question as Barb...looking for some cute elves to incorporate Kindness Elves. I'll check out Target ornaments for the larger elf, but i can't see a link for the smaller ones that you mentioned in your reply. I'm probably just missing it, but i re-read your post and still don't see it. Can you put the link in the reply since i'm obviously blind. :O Thanks. :)

    1. No worries! I got them from Imagination Tree. She sold them last year. Though I have heard she is out already for this season. Here's the link:

  3. I bought two of that same bigger elf this year (2015) at Target! Perfect! :) Also, for anyone else who might be interested, they had some really cute little gnome elves as well that I almost got instead.


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