Friday, January 23, 2015

DIY Valentine Wreath with Burlap and Grapevine

Friends, I am learning to craft.  Yes, learning.  Sometimes I get it right, and sometimes I don't.  I fixed up my old grapevine Valentine wreath and updated it into a cute Burlap Wreath.  Most of the tutorials for burlap wreath that I found used a wire wreath form, but I wanted to reuse my grapevine form.  So I figured out how.  Let me know what you think.

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I was going through the junk in my garage this week (which is STILL NOT ORGANIZED after our move . . . *sigh) and I found this beauty:

This wreath from my past is so very dead after moving.  So I fixed it up.  Here's what I did:

I used:
Floral picks
(My burlap was 11 inches wide and I got it at Walmart after Christmas for 75% off!)
glue gun
wooden embellishments

For the little hearts, I just used small unfinished wood hearts from the local craft store.  I put scrapbook paper on with Mod Podge using this method.  Easy.

All you do is tuck your burlap underneath the larger grapevine twists (for lack of a better word) 
It's the sticks wrapped around the grapevine to help the wreath keep its form.

Step 1.  Unroll a substantial amount of burlap and tuck it under the first twist of grapevine.  Gently pull the burlap all the way through.

Step 2.  Move to the next closest grapevine twist, tuck it in and pull it out gently to the other side.  This time however, leave some extra burlap in between the two tucks to make it look POOFY.  Keep repeating around the wreath as desired.

 I only went part of the way around the wreath because I was feeling "artsy".  But I think it would look cute if you went all the way around too.  Fiddle with the burlap until you like the look.  It's very forgiving and you really can't go wrong.

Step 3.  Add your floral picks and embellishments.  I just wrapped the floral pick wires around the grapevine underneath the burlap.  You could use glue too.

 Using my glue gun, I put a dot of glue on each heart and stuck it to the large grapevine twists that held the burlap.  You can add as much or as little extras that you want.

Ta-da!  All done.  So very easy.  

What do you think?

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Make it a meaningful day!

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