Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Drive Your Health in 2015

So it's the new year.  Time for resolutions.  Time for change. Yeah, yeah, yeah.  We've heard it all before.  Some years I hate making resolutions.  It can make me feel crazy trying to "fix" everything in my life that should be better.  And yet, some years I love the challenge of trying something new and working towards a goal.  It just depends on my mood, I guess.  But whatever your plan is for the new year (resolutions or not), I hope all you mamas and papas will make time for your own health this year.  

Below are a few tips from American Recall Center (who are all about health and safety!) for keeping up with your health in 2015.  My Man is a doc and he can attest to the tip on there that says "always ask questions."  Sometimes doctors just don't know what you need clarified.  They see tons of patients each day, but those 20 minutes with your doctor are yours, so don't waste it.  Ask everything you can.  Come prepared with questions.

Source: American Recall Center

Quite a few years ago I started feeling very tired all the time.  I exercised every day and I would feel so tired afterwards, instead of energized.  I had little kids at the time, so I just figured it was "mom of young kids fatigue."  Finally, My Man (who was a medical resident at the time) suggested have a blood test just to see if anything else was the matter.  It turns out I had really high triglycerides.  Dangerously high.  This is something that runs in my family.  It's hereditary.  With the proper medical help and food changes I was able to feel better right away.  However, I realized that 3 years earlier I had been to another doctor who did a check up for me.  He checked my blood and in passing mentioned that my triglycerides were kinda high, but he said nothing more and I did not ask.  He said I should watch them, that's all.  I had no idea what triglycerides were or how they could affect me and I DIDN'T ASK!  So just remember to ask when you don't understand.

What are you health goals for 2015?  

When is the last time you went to the doctor for a well-check up for yourself (and not one of your babies?)   

Do you make new year's resolutions?  Why or why not?

Have a good day and make it a meaningful YEAR!
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