Monday, February 2, 2015

Discovering Station Park Giveaway

My Man and I went on a date a few days ago.  His schedule as a physician can have long hours, and many times our dates are us sitting in our recliners watching a movie and eventually falling asleep (I'm not kidding!).  Well, it's been about 6 months since our last move and we decided to get out and learn more about our new area.  We went to Station Park in Farmington, Utah just to see what we could see.  Station Park is basically an outdoor mall in Davis county, near Lagoon.  I'm tired of being "new in town" but it really takes time and effort to get to know your neighbors, your schools, the best roads to take, and what stores are out there.  So here's what we discovered the other night (and be sure to enter to win the $300+ prize package from Station Park's amazing businesses below! )

 First off, Station Park is simply lovely.  Lights everywhere, fountains, outdoor fireplaces and just a feeling of relaxation.

 I loved the light show in the fountain.

Cobbler Cove is a new restaurant there.

My Man and I started off our date with some delicious fresh fruit cobbler from Cobbler Cove.  I've never heard of a place that specializes in just cobbler.  I got Chocolate Raspberry and he got Blackberry.  We ate it outside next to one of the fireplaces and had a nice chat.  Cozy.

It was peaceful just to relax near the gorgeous waterscapes.

Then we browsed the many many stores there.  We looked at DownEast, ParkStone Restaurant, Sanctuary Aveda, and of course Harmons. It was fun to just hang out together and hold hands.  We were just window shopping, so no pressure, no hurries, no worries.

 My favorite is always DownEast.  They have modest yet stylish clothing for women and girls.  Their clothes are always updated and changing and just super cute. Plus, camis of every size and color for layering.
My Man's favorite (and I have to say I love it too) is the Harmon's grocery store at Station Park.  I know it sounds lame to love a grocery store, but this one is like no other around.  Cheeses of every kind, fresh fruits and veggies (with some exotic ones too!), amazing desserts, fresh artisan breads, a salad bar, and yet pretty regular grocery prices too.  They have a small restaurant in their loft and cooking classes.  The atmosphere makes you feel like you are somewhere special and not just at a regular store.  I love it.

If you are "new in town" here's some tips on getting to know your new area:

1.  Make time to go out and try new things in your area.  At least once a month I try to visit a different store or event in my area.  Check the local news, website, or newspaper to learn about your new community.

2.  Try different routes.  Take a different road to work.  Look at map.  Ask Siri.  Go drive around just for fun.  You may find a beautiful country road or an easier way to get somewhere.

3.  Talk to people.  This one can be so hard for me.  I am really quite shy, but I'm learning to ask neighbors and new friends about places, community happenings, or stores to try.  I'll also ask store clerks questions or anyone willing to help me discover my new city.  It's also a great way to make friends and feel "in the loop".

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Station Park Valentines Giveaway

Station Park is Farmington's hidden gem and it was fun to give you a little sneak peek into some of my favorite things there. With upscale retail, dining, and entertainment, a children's play area, an outdoor winter skating rink, and a world-class show fountain - there is definitely something for everyone. You will want to stop, stay, and play at this beautiful shopping and entertainment destination right off of I-15 with easy access to Front Runner.

Whether you are checking out the latest in fashion at DownEast Basics, dining at the ParkStone wood-fire grill, grabbing groceries at Harmon's, working out with lululemon on Saturday morning, or having a spa day at Sanctuary Aveda, you are going to want to cap off your fun with fresh-baked cobbler from Station Park's newest dessert restaurant Cobbler Cove! You are going to want to cozy up by their fireplace and enjoy America's favorite dessert.

One lucky reader is going to be spoiled with some of our favorite things from Station Park!

$30 gift card to Cobbler Cove
Cooking Class from Harmon's
A Yoga Starter Kit from lululemon athletica at Station Park
A $25 Gift Certificate from ParkStone Restaurant
A Couples Massage with Stress Fix Soak from Sanctuary Aveda
A $50 Gift Card from DownEast Basics
Six ice skating passes from The Salt Project

Enter on the Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you to these amazing businesses for donating our prizes!
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  1. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that the two Instagram links for Polka Dot Poplars and Bite of Delight on Instagram have messed up links. Great giveaway! I hope I win!!

    1. Thanks for letting us know Allison! I'll check it.

  2. I almost feel guilty entering this, since I already scored the RootsTech ticket (YAY!), but it sounds so amazing -- I couldn't resist! So glad that you and your husband could have such a fun date night. I'm hoping my luck will hold out one more time...fingers crossed!

    1. I'm glad you entered! Maybe you are on a lucky streak!


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